You Got The Juice Now

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  1. JBJCJV33 says:

    this nigguh really thinks he sumin special for doin that shit eh

  2. JBJCJV33 says:

    I give up on you. I haven’t taken a shower in 6 months waiting for you to drop a song, and this is how you do it? By sending it to some random groupie? You just lost a fan. I loved you Cole, we coulda been together, think about it. You ruined it now, I hope you can’t sleep and you dream about it. And when you dream I hope you can’t sleep and you scream about it. I hope your conscience eats at you and you can’t breath without me.

  3. la says:

    Unbelievable. Dope move cole

  4. Silky Johnson says:

    I am a faggot

  5. Kanyiggga says:

    Hi Jermaine. I’m one of your biggest fans from the website I like posting in the Roc Nation section and I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy the taste of big floppy donkey dick in my esophagus.

  6. JBJCJV33 says:

    Like for real Cole, I thought what we had was something genuine. I’m from Canada where we hunt moose and platypus. We have no life. And then I heard your music and saw your face. I believed that was the start of something special. But Cole, you did me wrong, VERY wrong. And for that, you a fool. I’m saying good bye to this world, riding off in the night.

  7. Banana Clipse says:

    Money talk muh fucka

  8. Disney says:

    So dope! He really gave it to a random fan though? I should send nudes for that Chris Tucker track :O

  9. Jole says:

    hold your orgasms phaggots

  10. HovToThe says:

    Joe Budden checking in :work:

  11. JBJCJV33 says:

    You think this is a game Jermaine. I gave my heart and soul into this relationship, I’m feelin drained. Unnapreciated, unallieviated. I even put my NBA career on hold for this. So this is where we part ways my sweet prince. Maybe i’ll find it in my heart to forgive you, but it’s going to take some time. See you in ten years when I’m in the NBA. Until then, Farewell (I love who you are, I love who ya ain’t)

  12. J. Cole says:

    I really appreciate yall and all but please refrain from posting those nasty ass comments on my blog. I actually want to build this up into something reputable.

    P.S. None of yall got the juice.

  13. JBJCJV33 says:


    When we meet again it’ll be in the same bed that you left me in

  14. JBJCJV33 says:

    Fuck Dhat

  15. Ib says:

    nasty ass like them krispy kreme donuts? hope you get diabetes motherfucker.

  16. Cole says:

    Y’all niggas really posting as me now? hahaah

  17. 360 says:

    Ay Cole that beat you made for me was fire bruh, send some more of that heat this way!

  18. Cole21 says:


  19. J. Snore says:

    leak it or that sextape with lamar leaks

  20. 360 says:

    Jk, fuck that beat nigga. Just hope Tyrese and I don’t see you in the streets cuz.

  21. Kendrick Lamar says:

    My album won’t suck.

  22. Noah '40' Shebib says:


  23. Dorcas says:

    Cole, you’re EVEN MORE LIVE for putting it out the way you did, lol, I can’t get over it #ColeWorld~

  24. Diggy Simmons says:

    yea, thats right nigga. picking on little kids, now your unibrow ass gon have to deal with real goons. what up Tyrese? we gon ride on this nigga

  25. Russell Simmons says:

    Diggy, get your ass in bed!

  26. Tyrese says:

    @Diggy dawg I’m just tryna get niggas to buy my album b. Even my momma didn’t want a copy of that shit fam.

  27. The Weeknd says:

    @Diggy should I call the Initiation goons?

  28. J.Cole says:

    The real j.cole

  29. TheRealMrExclusive says:

    Do you guys want to hear a new J. Cole track?

  30. Drake says:

    Me and my nigga Cole gonna supply the heat for the winter. You a fool for this one bro, haha

  31. BananaBuke says:

    im about to go banana pudding if yall dont cut it out

  32. JooceBruh says:

    Cole, can I email you my (joocy) nudes? Please respond.

  33. Big Fan says:

    Hey Mr. Cole,

    Big fan here. Quick question, i’m trying to grow my beard out so I can attract older women, do you have any tips on how I can grow abnormal facial hair rapidly? You seem to have mastered the art. Thank you.

    Please respond.

  34. Lupe Fiasco says:

    @Kendrick Lamar bro chill out, I want the AOTY title before I retire. Don’t be a faggot.

  35. Lupe Fiasco says:

    PS put your penis next to mine :)

  36. Sallie Mae says:

    Nigga it’s been like 6 fuckin years. What the fuck.

  37. J. Cole says:

    Wow yall got 5000 pages about me on that website. Still talkin that shit I see haha! Much love to you all though. Back to the stu!

  38. Vanessa Simmons says:

    ;) <3

  39. Junriee says:

    Hey Jermaine can you tell Omen to answer his text !!! He hasn’t responded to me since the show in Toronto.

  40. Kayla says:

    By far one of the coolest ways to release a song!! I was following that the whole time it was happening on Twitter. Couldn’t even believe it at first. Once again, J. Cole proves his uniqueness and why he’s the greatest! #ColeWorld

  41. Jessica says:

    I’m jealous

  42. Erza PRC says:

    Maan fuck all yall haters dat r haitin on Cole, n writin all these stupid comments. Cole is da sickest rapper, every song he dropps is siick AF. So if yall aint got sumthin good 2 say then GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS SITE!

    And Cole keep it up, ur one of the greates n will always be.. Keep doin ur thing, n i hope u’ll win alot of prices at the BET’S
    Much luv from Sweden… Hope 2 see u hear again on another concert. <333

  43. Alex k says:

    Lol These comments are hilarious. Meanwhile, i didn’t even know you still got on twitter, I need to pay attention… Anywho, I love the song

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