Cole Summer

Few Days to finish the album then off to Mixing. Here’s some thoughts. Cole Summer.

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  1. Ragi says:

    j cole brings it every fucken time.

  2. Pckinney says:

    I enjoy your music way more than Drake (no disrespect), this may not be album worthy, but it’s nice to hear a track from your heart. I’ll buy the album to make sure I don’t see you and your mom at the post office, I’m from NC too. This reminds me of “Get Free Coleworld.” Make more of this kind of song, I really enjoy it. Your album stuff is good, but I appreciate the songs straight from your heart and not too over-thought.

    • LivingSinner says:

      I agree. J. Cole is at his best when he raps from the heart. Not saying I didn’t like the album but if the songs were more like these it would’ve been better.

  3. Zuri says:

    Just the pick-me-up I needed. Glad I tuned in.

  4. Chuck says:

    Dedication song to @JColeNC by 19 yr old Artist/Producer. Appreciation for Cole. #ColeSummer

  5. @YankeeLuvnGiant says:

    im excited 4 this new cole album. homie can really rap, the irony that he’s more like Nas and Drake is more of a Hov build.

  6. Ashley Anderson says:

    Loving this….will be bumping for this for the rest of the night. Thanks Cole! Patiently waiting for…6/25.

  7. Brianna Jack says:


  8. PardonMyGenius says:

    J. Cole brings it again nice chill mellow track

  9. Reggie B. says:

    Shit is hot bro. Expecting big things from you this go around.

  10. Ive always loved the way you make music, its so inpirational for me, your style is a lot like Tupac’s, i feel as if your the only worthy artist to hop on one of his songs and remix it because you keep it real. The come up, the warm up, friday night lights, truly yours, ALL the mixtapes & the album were ridiculous, i play the songs everyday and vibe to it, the greatness of your music isnt valued enough, all these rappers talkin bout money cars n hoes n you talkin about real life and telling stories puttin morales across, you put a lot a wisdom thru to my head. Big fan bro keep doin your thing.

  11. Morgan says:

    Cole, you and your music are such an inspiration. I was wondering when and if we’d be receiving new music from you in the future. This is fire. You never disappoint. You mean so much to North Carolina hip-hop. Thank you.

  12. jocelyn espinosa says:

    i adore your ambition. the thought of you & this music makes me happy.

  13. nyon says:

    This is too smooth! Nothing like some quality tunes to kick back to
    Check me out though

  14. Nikil Yadav says:

    hands down one of the realest artists out these days, been bumping your shit since i was in gr9, mad respect . cannot wait for born sinner and your collab with kendrick lamar – peace & love

  15. JimmyAbdallah says:

    WTF i love you for this

  16. Kassondra Henderson says:

    I love the realness in the song

  17. Taylor says:

    Cole giving everybody a run for their money. The boy spit nothing but flame. Excited for Truly Yours 2 tomorrow and Born Sinner June 25th. Cole World nigga!

  18. ljenae says:

    I love this track. So nice to hear something other other than popping mollies and twerking, thanks for bringing a taste of real music back! Can’t wait for the album!

  19. Eric Gibson says:

    Shit man Im glad you dropped this just as a appetizer to hold us off to the main course 6/25. The sample stupid sick your lyrics stay on point this the shit i get to vibe to while Im at AIT. This gone be one repeat the next couple weeks.

  20. Travis says:

    Bro Your my favorite rapper man I know this is just another comment but damn I swear its like I lived your raps lol! Keep doing your thing!! Your Our Voice

  21. Inga says:

    Can someone please send me a link tomorrow for truly yours 2

  22. CJ says:

    Just what I expected. Perfect.

  23. Nicole says:

    Such a great song! Love how he took the risk to sample Nothin’ Even Matters.

  24. Bellside says:

    Man J. Cole is the nicest in the game can’t stress it enough. Don’t worry my nigga you won’t fall off. If you did, keeping you in the game would be the only charity I’d actually contribute to. Haha Cole world nigga! #Denver

  25. Jonni Xcean says:

    Yo Cole ive been on you since the early days dog when u was just rocking white T’s i swear to god ima meet you man….you one of my favorite rappers….i gotta do a feature with you

  26. _BiggieNoSmalls says:

    J.Cole is the best.

  27. Ayo J'd says:

    it aint no secret you the shhhhhhhhhh t, :) )!!!

  28. Sid says:


  29. Hassan Askar says:

    Another banger. A truly great in the music game. Thank you J Cole !

  30. Ms. Sunshine says:


    J.Cole all married and shit, that’s a turn off.

  31. Kevin Cushingberry Jr. says:

    Yo Cole, I was having one of them nights tonight, I’m a college student just trying to make it and this song helped me out. Thanks alot.

  32. Edho Kuddah says:

    this is how music should be

  33. NYCfamo says:

    Track is fresh..This was on point! Well done Cole always looking out. Everytime i say damn where’s my boys album coming out u release some fire to hold us off lol Good looks!

  34. Blake says:

    FUCK YEAH!!! Love this song. ColeWorld!!!

  35. Esinam says:

    Love this j
    June 25th your London Villans READY!!

  36. Sam says:

    Dude up top said this isn’t album martial??? Stop it, this shit is straight fire all the way out, it’s better then every song on every and any album to ever come out this year and last… This shit slaughters everything out, true beautiful hip hop, thank you cole

  37. GrahamCEO says:

    So glad Jay pays you to be a studio rat.
    The sample, production and bars on this are the shit Jermaine.
    Looking forward to Truly Yours 2 and Born Sinner!

  38. Layla Omar says:

    I LOVEE this song! J.cole never disappoints!

  39. G says:

    i dont see no pussy baby aint you suppose to strip more.

  40. Willy Ryan says:

    Cole Summerrrrrr, dude be the realest and yall know it tryna smoke a victory doob with the team

  41. Jennifer says:

    I seriously LOVE This song it has so much soul & says so much! Love you cole

  42. t0wlie says:

    Tia and tamara.. baha!

  43. t0wlie says:

    Been on cole since the warm up dropped. Prayin and prayin this next one is what we’ve been waitin for…

  44. Erza says:

    Cole u did it again! U never dissappoint us. All ur songs are crazyy they really effects me in a positive way ;) U are the realest and the best rapper out there! Cant wait for Truly Yours 2, to drop tonight, and then Born Sinner on June 25th. It’s really going to be a COLE SUMMER!
    I can’t waaait to here all them songs u’v revcorded.
    Just keep it up Cole! I love uuu!!

    Much love from Sweden! We love u <333

  45. OppositeofWinner says:

    So is this Mrs. Kay cole in the pic.? :)

  46. Al says:

    Cole! you is aweshum!! :$

  47. tanisha says:

    you can get it j cole

  48. Dreamville says:

    Dig the tune, but I am glad this ain’t a preview to the album. want him to bring that “Who Dat” flow

  49. David says:

    Awesome song….. Let it go let it go let it go

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