Revenge of the Dreamers



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  1. Ti Vole says:

    u guys better make the video 4 bitchez fast! it’s 2 good, not to hit the street

  2. FarihaXO says:

    This mixtape is the shit! Thanks so much for releasing it! I only wish I could call you too, but being from the UK makes this shit very difficult haha. Nonetheless, I’m extremely proud of all your success! PLEASE make a video to a few of these songs; Bitchez, May The Bitter Man Win and so on!

  3. @PolkeEmbry says:

    I wish I could say I’m surprised at how fire this is but I expected it. Anything and I mean anything that Cole is a part of is FIRE ! ALL THE TIME !! I’m just waiting on the album from him and Dot I can’t even imagine how much thats gonna shake up the game.

  4. I really enjoy listening to j.cole and the crew. I also appreciate the great talent that you guys bring to the world. I hope you continue to put out more music and dont stop. Also i would also appreciate if you would take time out to listen to my music and reply if you see anything you like. If it is o.k. and you do have time please reply to
    Thanx, A.D.

  5. jcolefannnn22 says:

    If I wanted to send j cole a letter where would I send it to ?

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