New Music: I Aint Da One – Bas

I Aint Da One

Got some new music from @FiendBassy for you Dreamvillians. Art inspired by Dreamville Cali.

Via SuperMookinFiends

Cole World No Blanket

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20 Comments » for New Music: I Aint Da One – Bas
  1. jbirg says:

    now cole please don’t tell me you just cosigning dude cause he’s ib’s boy cause this shit sucks!! just being real hip hop niggas getting slept on

  2. Polo says:

    Got that Cali swag… Love it.


    Dunno what jbirg is talking bout…
    THIS IS FIRE. Dope to hear a diff sound out the camp. Swag is crazy on this. I wanna hear him and Cole on a beat.

  4. Where da Boo Boos at? says:

    I’m feeling this joint. My girl gonna be heated when she hear this in the whip instead of RiRi.

  5. SouthBronx says:

    WOA. This is that joint. Wasn’t sure at first but this shit grew on me hard. Been bumping all day. Love the sound. I’m gonna keep an eye out for you Bas.

  6. HenneyRaw says:


  7. OVODreamvillian says:

    Ya’ll sleeping on this dude. His first tape was raw but he’s dope. Can’t wait to hear his new original stuff. If he was out in Cali with Cole andddd out in Europe (I saw him in sideline story video) he prolly has some crazy music in store for us.

  8. Jerz says:

    Been bumpin this track since it got put up, really feelin the way he rides the beat.

    That “found Nirvana like that naked baby” line is fire too.

  9. 4thWard says:

    100% worth a listen whether your a cole/dreamville fan or not.

    You’re making some waves out here Bas, now the pressure is on! I’m expecting big things from you brother.

  10. Schwayze says:

    This tracks fire. That nirvana line was fire…

    Thanks for the shout outs in the track Bas

  11. Hemdi Brsi says:

    Far as this rap shit goes Bas is the future. This is the kind of music that makes me wanna raw dog a RnB chick and bleed her finances dry for the next 18 years #FOREVERFIEND

  12. Kobe says:

    Dude’s flow is real smooth and catchy. Love how he rides da beat. With all the MCs out there trying to be somebody they not (do we really need more than one Gucci Mane?), this dude is coming with something fresh. Hopefully there is a mixtape coming soon?

  13. Bryanna says:

    Cole, I love you… but this is not Dreamvillain material, It’s funny,but not talent

  14. tyrelsmoof says:

    to be honest im really fuckin with this dudes shit…i cant wait to hear more tracks from this homie, and liek others have said… that nirvana line crazy! i downloaded that quarter water raised me 1 and that shit is raw and has some legit bangers, excited man all u see is this edm shit nowadays and hip hops fading. Cole mad famous and hes a fuckin g, but gna take more artists like this mug bas

  15. Kaj says:

    His flow is cool.. He repeats the samething too much. Im sorry but Cole cant be cosigning ppl that arent somewhere on his level. If u can rhime about NOTHING.. Then if u put more effort and time you GOTTA be able to rhime about SOMETHING.. If not, then this rap shit aint for u. Either make a difference or make way.. deadass. Cole talk to ur boy and give him tips or something. This aint a good look for u

  16. Emblem says:

    I like this shit! Feels like a good summer time cut for the BBQ’s and block parties. some of you need to take yourselves less seriously and have some fun with music.

  17. Ahjee says:

    SUPER MOOKIN! Bas this was sick, hahaha i love this sht

  18. that nigga says:

    BAS shit is hot from quarter water raised me volume 1 i been fucken wit ur shit man ur shit hot my nigga dont let none of these lame ass niggas tell u different got ur sound, flow game is STUPID, and the nigga swagged out on these hoes…im fucken with the fiends!!

  19. Unathi says:

    Booboo, hold a nigger D real quick!… too nice!

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