Golden Goals

Sup Fiends and Friends and Friends of Fiends,
I got good news and good news and a lil bit of fake bad news.
Let’s start with the fake bad news.
Last Winter. April 22.

Now the good news (and reason for delay) is that on April 22, Last Winter will be my very first project to be released commercially! Just the prospect of Last Winter on all the music discovery services along with the new fans I can reach is EXCITING AS FUCK. If you starving my nigga don’t buy the shit (we’ll still get you lit) but for those who choose to support I can’t express my gratitude in writing. You’re just going to have to find me at a show and I’ll smoke you the fuck out.

I can’t put it into words but I’ll crush it up into lil pieces and put it into some Raw papers. All jokes aside though, it’s going to be a dream come true when my parents walk into Best Buy (limited run) to buy my CD.


Not to mention when all you fiends tweet me your iTunes purchases and screenshots of Last Winter in your library. I can just visualize it already and I know I’m going to be smiling ear to ear. I wouldn’t be here without y’all and I cant wait to mob with you fiends thru this next phase of my career. Shoutout to Dreamville/ Interscope for seeing our vision and, most importantly, committing the resources to give this project a proper release. Sample clearance alone would cost the Super Mookin Fiends probably all our combined mook money for like 3 years.

SOBER FOR 3 YEARS. That shit would suck.

Oh yea. More good news.

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PS: Wanted to leave you with an early treat. It’s 4 am in NYC right now. This shit is scheduled to post to the blog dumb early. I won’t be awake fiends. Nope. No shot. Try me like three – fo’ thirty.

PPS: Don’t I look warm though? REAL NIGGA

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  1. I hope a dreamer reads this, because what I have to say and who I am is important for whom it may concern. My name is Nihil pronounced Nick-kill, it means nothing in Latin. I’m 20 from Philadelphia, I love hustling with my heart. As a kid I always had dreams, but realistically I would always leave it as a fantasy. But now I am convinced that there are no such things as coincidences. Long story short, I need big bro Cole. he’s the only way, although I dont leave my faith in man. My rap names “Presence” I got it from the bible, I was influenced by J.Cole since early, and bond attraction was bound. I don’t know if your reading this, but a simple comment may not fullfill what was. With that known, check out my youtube channel. Specifically Lil Snupe Tribute “Truth” freestyle. The day before I met Cole Snupe was murdered. Jesus saved me and gave me a chance to type this too you, but the next time we meet. I got a story to tell.. “Never Sleep on The Dreamer”

  2. Razi says:

    Bas got bars. Dreamville livin’

  3. CorLeone says:

    Go Listen To My New Mixtape “Little Hope BIG City” Hottest Shit Out Right Now #Share & #Download #SUPPORT

  4. CorLeone says:

    Listen To My New Mixtape “Little Hope BIG City” Hottest Shit Out Right Now #Share & #Download #SUPPORT

  5. A.boogie says:

    I got sum shit from the Carolina’s (south) an it’s real not all this other bullshit

  6. PARK~P says:


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