Dollar & A Dream Tour


Secret Locations. No Advance Tickets. $1.


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  1. Jai says:

    When do you find out about the secret location??? why does he do this maaaannnnnnnnnn!!!!!

  2. Anthony says:

    No New York ah man :(

    • Tavena says:

      That’s all I’m sayin’. J can NY please get a spot on your tour? We fuxx with you over here…HEAVY. =)

  3. Bobby says:

    I’d like to go to one of the shows… Hit me back with details!!

  4. Eve A says:

    I’m interested in the Philly location and can you please go to Dallas in July!!

  5. Tamar Paine says:

    Chicago stay getting hit yes!

  6. nicole says:

    where is it at

  7. Lyndsay DeFeo says:

    PA or Toronto!!

  8. AlNnz says:

    Chicago!!! Where’s the location at though!?

  9. Jay S. says:

    Atlanta!! Need that location!

  10. Netra says:

    Why no Dallas!!!? I wanna cry!

  11. cristina says:

    hell yay Miami !! I have to go <3 when will you reveal the location?

  12. Harold Edmonds says:

    DC!!!!!!!! I want to go yo!!!

  13. Lyric Johnson says:

    I need the Detroit location that is 8 days after my high school graduation that would be a wonderful graduation gift

  14. Please i want the place and tome for the Miami ,FL


  15. Place and time for the miami ,Fl PLEASE.

  16. Stah says:

    Please don’t make the location an hour drive from Detroit

  17. young fifa says:

    Whats the location for Boston?!

  18. Dijah says:

    Why Cole whhhyyyyy?? I’m in DC for the summer this would be PERFECT! Lemme knooooow.

  19. Tanya says:

    lmao everyone is asking for the location when it specifically says secret locations hahah.

    windy city all day, best believe im going

  20. Kayla Wydra says:

    Oh dear Lord, I’m about to faint. Let me pretend I don’t have school Monday morning and ride all around Atlanta Sunday night looking for this concert. I’m praying to Jesus I find this!!! Won’t live knowing I was in the same town and missed the concert.

  21. Nakeia ferguson says:

    I need the tickets

  22. Keisha says:

    I wish I knew the location for the Chicago? PLEEEAASSEEE!!!

  23. Jeffrey Nishimoto says:

    c’mon Cole, how you gonna do the City of Angels like that?

  24. ahjeeparker says:

    Atlanta, 6.12

  25. Ahjee Parker says:

    never been this excited to live in Atlanta,

  26. Anthony says:

    Los Angeles mannnnn!!!

  27. Brandon says:


  28. HoneeBFly says:

    no time. no venue. but trust in believe i’m there. June 12th. ATL. i love this kid! #dreamvillian

  29. kofi says:

    Philly I am there!!! South African love #coleworld

  30. Lucia says:

    Can I get a little hint hint *wink wink* on this H town show…I won’t tell!

  31. Nijah says:

    Plzzzzz give me the location for Philly I show love always!!!!!!!

  32. Dayshawn says:

    I shall definitely be at the Baltimore show. WINNNNN

  33. Aldin says:

    comeONN Cole! Let these niggaz know! #chicago

  34. Ro says:

    Secret shows…Come on man I’m tryn see my man kill it in Philly !!!!

  35. Azeez says:

    Yo! I am so amps Cole is coming to Houston. Pleeeeeeease, I need the time and location cause i will be there.

  36. Nate G says:

    ATL location?

  37. Juice says:

    coming to the dot? amazing! NY & LA don’t get the love, but t-dot does? so great!

  38. JM says:

    I’d love to attend the one in Boston. Hints to a location and time please?

  39. SB says:

    Oh my God! I need parts!!!!!!

  40. WHITE says:


  41. NIK says:

    I need the location for ATL! I missed the last show, I am not missing this one!!

  42. Brianna says:

    What’s the Atlanta location?? I HAVE to be there I can’t miss it!

  43. Lloyd says:

    I bet the Boston locale is Paradise Rock Club! :P

  44. Needakno says:

    I needa kno jcole wtf ill pay a lil extra… Lol…. No I wont but im in boaton needakno bro needa kno

  45. Lloyd says:

    boston show is at house of blues

  46. Ronisha says:

    Hi, is there a way you can answer questions about the concert on June 21 in Philly.

    Is there an age requirement?
    Will he be taking photos or/and singing autographs ?
    Will J. Cole announce or give hints about the location through radio, website, blog twitter, and/or etc.?

  47. angelica says:

    When do we find out the secret location in Chicago ? I can’t miss this !!

  48. Paige. says:

    Going down in history for his humility off rip. Love Cole! Need the Detroit Location BADD.. please?

  49. Bre says:

    ATL. I will be there. First come, first served like you never seen it before.

  50. @JColeNC whats good Cole i love your music and would love to see you rock out at show. you really helped me get through a lot of cold & rainy nights in college. you are a great inspiration to me and all the other 90′s baby around the world. please don’t ever switch up on us like a lot of these other artist do stay original and continue to bless us with your music…… Also i was wondering on how can i win some tickets to your ‘Dollar & A Dream Tour‘ secret show in MIAMI FL, on 6/11 I’m a miami native so i cant miss out

  51. Quantavius sims says:

    The Atlanta location please this would be my first concert ever

  52. Roger says:

    Where or how can I get the tickets

  53. DizSlick says:

    San Antonio. Shit I’ll skip work! and go to the Houston venue!
    If they try to fire me Fuck it. Well worth it!

  54. Kishan says:

    Is there an age limit to this tour? If so what is it?

  55. David says:

    First day is tomorrow…Where and when?

  56. John says:

    there are no concerts at the house of blues in boston for june 14th….

  57. Elle-Boogie says:

    Why can’t I find his June 23rd Chicago concert on ticket master?! Who do we contact for this infooo… Damn!

  58. Caprishea says:

    Absolutely love him.!!!! The best rap artist in my opinion!! And Don’t care who like it or not!! When and what time will the location be posted on Sunday June 23rd for Chicago??!! #Ecstatic #Cole World #!!

  59. Briana says:

    Does anyone know any info about the Detroit concert? & do you have to be 21 & over? I live an hour away, & don’t want to drive down there for nothing if I can’t find the venue.

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