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  1. masafi says:

    Cole luv da kids!!! Lol!!! dope : )We need more of this!

  2. noah says:

    much respect!!

  3. Erza PRC says:

    I’m glad dat ur supporting these kids. U are an AMAZING person Cole.
    Much respect 2 U <3<3

  4. Nel says:

    You’re like great in every single way

  5. Ryan says:

    This proves that J. Cole isn’t just a great music artist, but he is also a great person.

  6. Jesse says:

    J.Cole is my favorite rapper and that might be the same situation for a lot of people but unlike a lot of people he also my mentor and this proves why.

  7. Shzntt says:


  8. Autumn D says:

    Cole you’re an amazing person inside and out your music and everything you stand for inspires me to follow my dreams and be everything that I can be thank you, and continue to pave the way for all of us! COLEWORLD

  9. Auri says:

    This is what J Cole is referencing in his “The Cure” freestyle.
    “But that’s how it goes, fuck it I’m still breathing
    Like my lil’ nigga Jaheim, we here for a reason”

  10. the philosopher says:

    Whats up elite, it’s the philosopher. I tried contacting you sometime ago. On the other hand, besides trying to reach you on the phone. I figured that It will probably be a little difficult trying to convey myself in words to you about my situation that i am going through right now. I mean for one, we all have problems. Just have difficulties trying to solve them. But let me just say that once again, i am 17 and almost 18 however, as of now, My knowledge is way ahead of me right now. Meaning i know more than what i should. And i am not proud to admit it. However, it is the truth. But i also, wanted to tell you that i just got kicked out of my mom’s house. To explain to why, also, will be difficult. Thats why i hope that you can find something in me since i am at least trying to contact you. So you can hear me out and hopefully become a mentor to help me into conveying my message to the people. This is the philosopher, to contact me for now, if not my gmail than
    1 (219) 793-2632

  11. Alex says:

    Cole world man you changed my life. I fucken love and respect you, stay up never change.

  12. how many kanye beats do a nigga got to murda to prove my mids futher hater nigga cinverter took kids to carowinds which im sure you never heard of cuz i didnt tell the news or the fayetteville obsever i dont do it for the press im bless i made it out sitting on dis plane my biggest thing to complain about somewhere between yesterday and now i lost my jewerly rolex chains almost lost my cool but see i just left kids who aint got a thang sept a lot of problems and a lot of pain and here i go trippen cuz my jusus piece missing got a feeling housekeeping finally cought a brother slippen eyes wide open just found a pot of gold now holio somewhere shing on yall bros thats how it goes forget it im still breathing like my nigga jaheim we hear for a reason……………….. thanks for taking me to carowinds!!!!!!!!

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