Autism Speaks

Recently there’s been a trend that includes rappers saying something
offensive, only to be attacked for it in the media and pressured to
apologize. I have to be completely honest and say there’s a part of me
that resents that. I view rap similar to how I view comedy. It’s going
to ruffle feathers at times. It’s going to go “too far”. I do not
believe that an apology is needed every time someone is offended,
especially when that apology is really only for the sake of saving an
endorsement or cleaning up bad press.

With that said, this is not the case today. This letter is sincere.
This apology IS necessary.

In a recent verse on the song “Jodeci Freestyle”, I said something
highly offensive to people with Autism. Last week, when I first saw a
comment from someone outraged about the lyric, I realized right away
that what I said was wrong. I was instantly embarrassed that I would
be ignorant enough say something so hurtful. What makes the crime
worse is that I should have known better.

To the entire Autism community who expressed outrage, I’m moved and
inspired by your passion, and I’m amazed at how strong you are as a
unit. I have now read stories online from parents about their
struggles and triumphs with raising an Autistic child and I admire how
incredibly strong you have to be to do so. It’s touching. It also
makes what I said even more embarrassing for me. I feel real shame.
You have every right to be angry.

To anyone suffering from Autism, either mildly or severely, I am
sorry. I’m bound to make mistakes in my life, but in my heart I just
want to spread Love.

I want to educate myself more on Autism, and I’ll gladly own my
mistake and serve as an example to today’s generation that there’s
nothing cool about mean-spirited comments about someone with Autism.
People with this disorder and their loved ones have to go through so
much already, the last thing they need is to hear something as
ignorant as what I said. I understand.

To the parents who are fighting through the frustrations that must
come with raising a child with severe autism, finding strength and
patience that they never knew they had; to the college student with
Asperger’s Syndrome; to all those overcoming Autism. You deserve
medals, not disrespect. I hope you accept my sincere apology.

Much Love


Cole World No Blanket

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  1. weedhead says:

    my nigga cole

    • FarihaTesfaye says:

      Aww wow, J. Cole I’ve got SO much respect for you man, don’t feel too bad, you’velearntfrom your mistake :* <3

    • dolotho says:

      that’s exactly what I thought when I seen this. I knew he would apologize cause he isn’t the type of person to try and intentionally hurt someone, he’s more of an inspiration

    • Kennyken747 says:

      People are really buying this shit though? Lmfao. I have Asperger’s Syndrome..and am currently attaining my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

      I already run a highly successful freelancing business based on software engineering that I started years ago, and I just turned 20…been a self-taught programmer since age 12. I can also easily write lyrics with heavy, intellectual wordplay just like you, ignorant ass nigga. The reason I never really took my music thing anywhere is because I’d rather become famous and innovate through technology…but trust me, if I were to come in the game an “autistic, so-called retarded” rapper would have taken your self-perceived crown.

      You should have thought twice before putting some shit out like that in public. You get absolutely no respect, fuck your entire discography now nigga. You a soft dude, like the pillsbury doughboy, but I fucked with you on some tracks like Dollar n a Dream…but now nada. Fuck you and everything you stand for.

      If you really a real nigga like you say on the mic, you would reply to me on some real shit and just flat-out admit you ain’t know what the fuck you were doing or thinking. Bitch.

      • cole world says:

        you just sound ignorant and bitter. boo bye j cole doesn’t owe you an apology its a simple play of words.. people have said worse

      • Born Sinner says:

        Fuck you retard

        • Mark says:

          No respect for the Born Sinner.. The word retard should be banned.

          • LG says:

            No respect because of a word?? Are you so high and mighty to the point you dot every I and cross every T? Im sure you’ve done/said/expressed worse in your life time & if you havent you will. And im sure after you do, you’ll STILL expect someone to respect you for who you are as a person. Watch your mouth

        • jesskia says:

          stop being stupid people act like adults not children guys

        • jesskia says:

          ignorants is bliss aint it people retard smarts is glowing off you wow

          • Sheogorath says:

            jesskia said:

            ignorants is bliss aint it people retard smarts is glowing off you wow

            Says the person who can’t even spell or use correct capitalisation, and even seems to believe that correct punctuation has gone out of style. I have five cognitive disabilities including dyslexia, what’s your excuse?

      • Genna says:

        I sincerely hope people don’t attribute your obvious character defects with Asperger’s Syndrome. I’m embarrassed for you. Thats not social awkwardness thats just being a douche. Whatever success in life you have achieved has been at a serious cost to your character

      • oneup says:

        I understand that yourself & many others with Autism are offended by this but for you to deny somebody who is making a sincere apology for what he has said, makes you a fucking LOSER. I’m sure you pride in your accomplishments & of your abilities even with this “disability” but for you to hate on him even after an apology, he might as well have not apologized. J.Cole is taking responsibility for what he has said and you should respect that. Why all the hate? What good comes from somebody like you who puts an artist down after owning up to his mistakes? You’re stooping to the level he was at when he came up with that line. I’m sure you’ve made mistakes in your life too. Continue to be bitter and be angry forever but remember what keeps you angry and what you can’t let go, fucking OWNS YOU. You should really come to peace with yourself because clearly you have underlying issues that you have yet to resolve!

      • oneup says:

        & then for you to want him to reply to you “on some real shit” is some groupie shit. You would probably pay your dollar for your dream on his dick.

      • DeShawn Bailey says:

        your still retarded nigga

      • Sol says:

        Yeah with idiots like you there is always the danger of having ones personal shortcoming (and yours seem to be HUGE) destroy the compassion that should be carried to all of the adressed.

        You positioned yourself as one of the adressed, one of the victims…. and the only things your narcistic shit made me feel was resentment whenever I did not feel your statement to be flat out pitiful/disgraceful.
        I´m sure most people will know that you do NOT represent all people with aspergers, but you did your damage already.
        Congratulations you asshole.

      • Sauce says:

        Dude, he apologized and he meant it.

        Now you are being ignorant.

        That is not going to make it any better.

      • Bobby says:

        You are an idiot.

      • Austin Converse says:

        He already did that :| maybe if you werent so busy trying to troll you would notice

      • casanova says:

        you sound like a lil bitch tryna get him to respond to you, u a fagget how u gon hate, when he apologized. man u a bitter fake internet ass bitch, tryna get sum attention. u a nobody

      • Larina Weber says:

        well said my friend!

      • Jonhiicash says:

        He’s only human suck a dick at your community college u got that shit cuz yo momma couldn’t keep her nose off tha table cole dat tude cuh so take ur extra time on test to be an ass so place else write a letter ta Wayne or somthin

      • Sini says:

        Drop a sixteen if you’re better than J Cole? lol.

      • noelmariano says:

        Shut up fuckboy. The man apologized for his word play you know he meant no harm . Bitchboy

      • bruhman says:

        lol everything you just wrote is pathetic.. the man admitted to being wrong for the verse, he went out of his way to apologize, which he didnt have to.. and you come out calling the man a bitch ? suck it up

      • jesse says:


      • jesse says:


      • Alex Foster says:

        cole is the king of kings. It doesnt matter what you own, because financially, publicly, with regards to image and friends, he owns you! like that fact you wate your time begging for a reply, but he didnt waste his time writing an apology and wont waste his time replying to someone with anger problems likes you. If somebody insults you, with any intent, you deserve it.

      • Haaay says:

        you thirsty, he apologized now build a bridge and get over it..

      • Marcus says:

        Hahaha you got ass burgers hahaha

      • Cenz says:

        You are absolutely perfect. You have never said or done anything that has offended someone. I’m not condoning what he did, i’m just saying that everyone makes mistakes sometimes. He has to deal with more people seeing them than most people though. There is also more that can to help people with autism than getting pissed off about rap lyrics. Also, everyone thinks they can be a rapper, not many do it.

  2. Richelle' Kelly says:

    I respect you more as an artist & as a Man for taking the time to express your remorse for your Mistake.

  3. Mahoosiv says:

    Did the right thing

  4. Jeremie Foster says:

    Well said *claps*

  5. Nubia Fokum says:

    MUCH Respect.

  6. anita says:

    wow, im speechless! j.cole you are amazing. What you just wrote sounded so sincere, and real. One can tell its coming from the heart. thats why you are one of the realest to blaze the hip hop scene. Much respect to you J.Cole, it takes a lot to openly apologize. Much love from your fans :)

  7. Dave says:

    Love you Jermaine

  8. Kaleigh says:

    My little brother has autism. I’m not the type of person that really takes offense to things said about it, I’ve come the realization that people are ignorant, especially to things that are not personal to them.

    With that being said, I can understand why it would anger someone. I’m just not that person, I don’t have the time or strength to be angry.

    J. Cole is my favourite rapper. I feel some weird connection to him and have been with him since The Warm Up. I want you to know that my brother used to sing “Work Out” in the car all the time.

    I appreciate your apology and the fact that you took the time to speak on it. & maybe it’s just my soft spot for you, but it’s all good. Much worse has been said.

    • Msderivia says:

      It’s weird how much I feel like you could be me with EVERYTHING you posted. My little brother has autism as well.

      • Nia says:

        Same here. I have a younger brother with autism as well. And he is a HUUUUUGGGGGGGE fan of J. Cole.

        • Jaime says:

          I agree with the above statements. 2 of my 5 children have autism (one was diagnosed asperger’s but with the release of the newest diagnostic material asperger’s is no longer a diagnosis and my son’s diag. has since been changed to moderate autism) one child is almost 5, the other is 16. I can understand the frustration of the situation from people dealing with this but I take this apology as sincere and I hope that it brings out awareness about the disorder in a positive manner. It isn’t easy to deal with and not all on the spectrum are alike they can range from social skills problems along with low processing speeds and motor skill development delays to non-verbal and not capable of caring for themselves. It is a huge range known as Autism Spectrum. I appreciate the apology and though I have never heard your music I do appreciate the awareness your remark made and am super proud of you for standing up, admitting you made a mistake, and trying to learn about the disorder. This sincere apology says a lot about your character. We all make mistakes.

          • Mark says:

            1 in less then 60 children brought into this world will have some type of autism, it’s becomming the “norm”. If the sincerity is there, i see J.Cole doing more things to get the GOOD word out..

          • Erica says:

            Mark. -There is no “norm”. There is only typical and atypical!!

    • Johnny says:

      it’s not about the people that have autism that’s the big deal, coz we see that people don’t really take offense to it. it’s more about people seeing their idol saying something like this and copy them and not knowing the right time to use certain words and that’s how things like bullying are created.

  9. MXB says:

    Cole, for everything you have done in the music industry, I thank you. You are a true rap artist, a poetic genius and the only artist I had ever thought to write a comment to.
    I respect you beyond words could express because you apologized for the wrong you had done and it takes a true man to do that (although, I may just be one sided cause I love you :P )

  10. Tiara says:

    This is what sets Cole apart from other artists. He sincerely cares about the message he is spreading. Much love

  11. Kiara Smith says:

    I like the fact that if Cole knows that he has said something wrong thats he will be a man about the situation and a least say sorry.

  12. Sarah says:

    As a mother to a son who is autistic and a big fan since the Warm Up days I respect this so much.

    I loved Born Sinner and was hyped to listen to the Jodeci freestyle song when it came out but that line ruined it for me. It hurt.

    That said, your apology is accepted here. It’s big to admit when you’re wrong but bigger to find out why you were wrong.

    Anyway, thank you! And much respect. :)

  13. Rcxosoul says:

    Peace and let this be a lesson to us all, we must think before we act because words hurt deep and their pain is everlasting. RC #bornsinner

  14. KLD says:

    I love this dude!! Well said.

  15. Weesh says:

    This is so sweet, you really are perfect

  16. HelicoptaaaaBluez says:

    My brother is autistic, and my nephew is autistic. I thought that line in the freestyle was fucking dope, and very clever. I didn’t give a fuck about it. People need to realize that its wordplay.

    W/e. Respect.

  17. Julia says:

    I just love you even more now. Jermaine Cole Lover For Life!!!

  18. Ashley AB says:

    I can now say im even more turned on by the fact that my nigga cole is real,honest, sexi of course but also has heart and a man who has that is charming and deserves recognition for his sincere heart and basically real emotions publicly shown to the public fans ect. I have 150% more respect and LOVE for ya now Cole..COLEWORLD i hope we meet someday I truly love and adore you. Holla Bak Cole your gurl AB (:

  19. Rach says:

    You are a man.
    You deserve so much respect and I want you to know that you are forgiven and people do make mistakes.
    You are amazing and brilliant I hope you never change and stay true and stay you.
    Love you King Cole. Forever.

  20. Shelvin says:

    Wow Cole is awesome for this. I LOVED Cole, I listened to all his mixtapes/albums. My older brother has autism so I didn’t know what to feel about the Jodeci Freestyle. I never listened to it again, now I check my twitter and see this. Very awesome for an artist to do. COLEWORLD

  21. Oliver Brooks says:

    First your a man for standing up and apologizing. Im a fan of your work. Im also a father and a Para Educator for San Bernardino County Superintendents Of School. I work with kids that suffer from Autism. When I first heard the record as a fan I was a Little dissapointed. But I could see the word play Etc.., I could also see how parents and the Autism community would be hurt. I’m still a fan and respect you for taking the time out to write this letter. Salute to a great album this year. Keep pushing and God Bless!!

  22. Andrea says:


  23. TeeHerrera says:

    This is one of the reasons to love Cole ! He mans up to his wrong doings & is a creative artist .. Don’t feel to bad J , we still love you , is still a #ColeWorld !!

  24. Ljay says:

    When you can recognize your faults, you grow as an individual.1 Love

  25. Imari Lewis says:

    I know you didn’t mean that. And just for apologizing and acknowledging your faults, i respect and love you more for that . Thanks for being my favorite artist, and someone i idolize because your just really honest, and real with yourself. Appreciated.

    Imari Lewis

  26. Remy Hepburn says:

    this is one of the many things that set you apart from the rest Cole, you are the realest rapper out! Rick Ross needs to pay attention to you more, cus his ‘apology’ for his lyrics about drugging and raping a girl was ridiculous.

    Keep on killin’ em!! #coleworld

  27. geegee says:

    And this is why you are and will ALWAYS be my fav Jermaine. your so intelligent and you always showed us that you are human with triumphs and downfalls. you do good and you fuck up as well. thats something that makes you so relate-able and yet sets you apart. you know you imperfect but you dont use that as an excuse, you are always growing and bettering yourself. it takes a man to be able not only acknowledge his mistake for himself but to apologize to those he may have hurt. when most rappers would probably get on the defensive and try to justify their actions through their half assed ‘apologies’ your taking full responsibility, not only that but your educating yourself. that makes me proud. im proud of you jermaine, your amazing and i love you.#coleworld #bornsinner

  28. Hakeem Smith says:

    Well respected apology. Cole you the most humbled artist ever. My nigga. Keep changing lives with your voice, and you’ll eventually change the world. Stay blessed my brother.

  29. ale says:

    Thank you for taking the time to really educate yourself on autism. As a fan I have always looked up to you for your music but today as an auntie of two children with autism, I look up to you for being a amazing individual who takes responsibilities for his actions. My respect for you has grown even more. So once again thank you for being you and for showing us the real Cole.

  30. Khia says:

    Cole be dropping some knowledge, couldn’t have wrote the letter any better. Well said.

  31. Nikki says:

    You are real and that is why I will keep on supporting you

  32. Tierra_T says:

    To all these people trying to be on his good side is pathetic. Until you actually go through actually having autism you won’t even know how it feels to have barriers like it and then only for more people to bully you. By the way, why is it named Autism Speaks? They don’t do shit for the autism community all they do is what Drake and J.Cole did in a song is show how ignorant they truly are about autism. Just like autism speaks making sob stories for profit and don’t really care about the autism community and go for this wanting to somehow “cure” us then Drake and J.Cole just make a song bashing autism to make money from it which is sick which in reality kind of the same thing just in different context but in a different way bashing us. It angers me that people can just say shit like this and get away with it. Until you live your life in the shoes of a person with autism you don’t even understand the shit we go through. As a fellow autistic, I think I have more intelligence than some of these rappers have in their whole body and I’m not even that high functioning which is the sad part. I’ve seen autistic people with lower IQ’s than me come up with the most beautiful and intelligent stuff and people just think were somehow “retarded” that’s not true even the ones that seem retarded are indeed smart.It just makes people like Drake and J.Cole look like another bunch of dumb celebrities that don’t read but bash other people.

    • Jas says:

      He apologized. What else do you want him to do?

    • _krowned says:

      He didn’t bash anyone. It was a play on words. He was just playing on the sonic similarities between the words autistic and artistic.

      I understand your frustration, but people make mistakes. And it takes a true great man to apologize and not try to justify their wrongs, but take total ownership and acknowledge their ignorance.

      He made a mistake, it doesn’t make him a bad person. If you made a mistake wouldn’t you want mercy? We are no closer to God than when we show mercy and forgiveness for those who have hurt us. Forgiving him just makes you a noble person.

    • Sarah says:

      Lol there are so many flaws to what you said I had to just laugh so hard. When you said, ‘Until you actually go through actually having autism you won’t even know how it feels”… I’m sorry, do you have autism that you can clearly speak for everyone? Even if you did your opinion is your fucking own. Don’t expect the world to follow with you. Also, you forgot to mention that J. Cole and Drake are just humans. To Err is human, to Forgive Divine. Bro, people say shit allll the time. The fact that someone is owning up to it, and recognizing it is by far better than what a lot of people do. I’m sure you had your fair of wrong, and I wonder how you’d like it if you tried apologizing and everyone bashes you saying it is “pathetic”. Think before you speak.

  33. E-Breezy says:

    Well said Cole, shows your intelligence and heart which is hard to find in this industry. Salute

  34. Rachael says:

    At first I thought this would be about the line, “the next three bars is dedicated to the retards-” in Villiminati… But I didn’t even realize he said a line regarding autistic people in the Jodeci freestyle.

    My older brother has autism and is 22 right now. He’s more of a genius than I am, and motivates me to take full advantage of life because he definitely does.

    With that being said, if you’re offended, that’s understandable. But not everything is made to cater to everyone, and not everyone can be pleased. I respect the fact that he took the time to make this statement though.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Mr. Cole.

  35. victor says:

    Congratulations your Public Relations manager told you it would be good for album sales and keeping your audience if you wrote an apology letter. good job worrying about your money J cole, we all know you don’t really care!

    • mya says:

      well good thing he isnt apologizing to you. you dont know him and im willing to bet you know nothing about his music so you have no right to say he doesnt care. If he didnt care he would’ve allowed his PR to do all of this for him. if he didnt care he wouldve just ignored it completely. if he didnt care he wouldve said fuck eveyone who hates hates the line and moved on. plenty of rappers do that and their careers are still intact. so NO its not about worrying about his money because his real fans are going to continue to have his back regardless. its about wronging a right but because he is a public figure nothing he says can be sincere right? FOH. you dont have to believe him. you dont even have to accept his apology. it wasnt for you. and even if the people who it IS meant for dont accept it, he did his part. he owned up to his fuck up, and he’s educating himself about this topic. he cant please everyone. but go on and keep on being pessimistic your allowed to have your opinion, no matter how ignorant or dimwitted it is.

    • ville says:

      you don’t know jack.

    • _krowned says:

      His album sales are doing great and not that many people even knew about this. He doesn’t have any big endorsements to lose.

      This was from the heart. He could’ve gotten away with saying that line if he wanted to.

    • Tammy says:

      lol you are not a fan or anyone who has listened to his music. Real fans know those words are true from Cole. The way it was written and the length of the letter has Cole all over it. No PR person could put these words in his mouth. He isn’t the type of rapper concerned about album sales. If so he would have pushed his album soooo far back so that it didnt have to compete with Kanye West and Jay-z. Take his apology for what it is. A true MAN can site his wrongs and try to learn from it. Maybe you should take a message from Cole.

    • jesskia says:

      yep as long as he gets money he don’t give a shit

  36. Epsen Joseph says:

    This was very deep nice way of handling the situation Cole

  37. JColesTheMan says:

    It’s shit like this that enables me to take pride in you being my favorite rapper; keep doing your thing my dude.

  38. Justin says:

    Cole, you are definitely my idol, i show much respect for you as an Artist and a man. The things you said in the letter were truly sincere. I just find it funny cause as soon as I heard the lyric I knew the people with autism and their families would be outraged I was okay with it though cause I don’t know anyone with Autism. We as humans tend to be ignorant of the things that doesn’t really affect us which is why you probably said what you said without thinking how it affected other. I respected you so much before the letter you have even more of it now. P.S. I’m glad you mentioned the peer pressure involved with these celebrity apologies, most people don’t realize that celebrities although they may somewhat feel they should apologize, the main reason they do is cause it is what they are supposed to.

  39. David says:


  40. @trisigmaks says:

    I appreciate this, but don’t forget about those with high functioning or even aspergers. Our lives aren’t easy either, but we have amazing kiddos.

  41. Luau says:

    As the father of an autistic girl, I thank you. As a man, I thank you. You make me want to believe again – thank you for this.

  42. charmane says:


  43. Jess says:

    As a mom and an advocate, I thank you for your apology and willingness to own your ignorance- and learn from it.

    The problem with these lyrics is beyond “word play” folks who claim not to have an issue with it… its about our kids, the kids our kids go to school with and thinking its ok to talk to kids with autism that way because a rapper did. Think about it.

    My next request, on behalf of all people who love someone with autism, who live with autism: get rid of that line. You’re smart- you can do better than that. If you want the community to truly believe you mean what you say- remember that actions speak louder than words.

    • _krowned says:

      He can’t “get rid of that line” it wasn’t his song and it wasn’t an official song. It was just a freestyle. He has no control over how the song is spread now, it’s unfortunate but you can’t hold that against him. Technology is different today, nothing put on the internet can be lost.

  44. Johnny says:

    Respect for the realest in the game. Takes more balls to apologize than to criticize & way more guts to admit shame than to blame.

  45. Russell Lehmann says:


    Thank you for your apology. I am the “autistic rapper” that made a video directed towards you.

    Living life w/ autism is a fight each and every day. Autism has destroyed my life 10 times over, but I just move on and rebuild. I was angered deeply when you used my most hated enemy as a punchline, and I sincerely thank you for the legit apology.

    Best Wishes,
    Russell Lehmann (@AutisticPoet)

  46. NiKKY says:

    Cole’s apology is the most sincere thing I’ve ever seen a celebrity do. I know he’s trulyyy sorry. I respect you Cole. Much love

  47. Suzanne B. says:

    Thank you, Cole. As I read your words, I feel that you are coming from an honest place. That means a lot to me as a person and, most importantly, as the mother of a 9-year-old boy with Asperger’s whose passion is music. He is likely to discover these lyrics on his own, considering he spends all of his free time researching musicians, musical genres, music videos, musical instruments, etc. We work hard to make him proud of his unique brain, so I hope when he stumbles on your lyrics he will just think you’re jealous! But, seriously, on his behalf, I accept your heartfelt apology.

    While we have your attention, I want to point out how hurtful and demeaning the word “retarded” is to many people. I hope you will consider opening your heart to individuals with intellectual disabilities, their families, and frients in the way that you have opened it to those of us in the autism community. With the help of artists like you, we can do even more to rid this word from everyday use. For more information about why “retarded” hurts so much and the movement against its use, I want to refer you to At this website, you’ll find strong, amazing individuals with intellectual disabilities who speak for themselves about how that word has affected them in their lives.

    Again, thank you for your apology to the autism community. I am grateful that you have taken this step.

  48. denise blount says:

    I appreciate J. Cole’s apology. It’s much more thought out and seems much more sincere than a short, “Gee, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way…” kind of half way apology. I appreciate that he manned up. I hope this apology goes viral, so more people can become aware.

  49. Tarrell Griffin says:

    You have to respect when someone admits they are wrong, on top of that writes a sincere apology….. I have a young cousin in Charlotte, NC wit autism, and on behalf of him, accept your apology

  50. Ashley Anderson says:

    Well done, Cole. I’ve been a fan since The Warm-Up, I’ve always loved how sincere you are as a person, never lose that! My younger cousin is autistic, and as soon as I heard the song I thought of her…thank you for doing this, for being honest and admitting you made a mistake. Love always!

    • mariah says:

      exactly! people who question his sincerity obviously dont know him as an artist let alone a person. he’s always been a stand up guy and knowing when to acknowledge when he was wrong. he’s human and he messed up BIG. but unlike most rappers he owned up to it. my cousin is also autistic, its mild, and he’s doing much better then when he was 3(he’s four now)and when i heard the line i wasnt exactly offended by it but, i didnt like it either. it made me cringe but i knew even though it made me uncomfortable he was never saying it from a place of malice, but i am proud of him for acknowledging it was wrong and writing a letter–not a small little statement bout how sorry he was–to those he did deeply offend. im proud of him, even if he doesnt receive forgiveness from all, i know he meant everything he wrote and thats what ultimately matters.

  51. I am a father of an adult autistic son. Your sincere apology shows the actions of an honorable man. I, speaking for myself, forgive you.


  52. Penny says:

    I had mad respect for your intellect & skillz as a hip-hop philosopher. I now have mad respect for you as a man: human enough to make an error in judgment, but humble enough to express a heartfelt apology. Kudos 2 U, Jermaine Cole.

  53. C Johnson says:

    I’m a college student with Asperger’s and the fact that you know enough about that to know that it exists shows that you’ve done your homework. I tend to think it’s bs to apologize for just about anything that could be offensive, but the fact that autistic does not equal retarded was the real issue and I am glad you took the time to educate yourself (and hopefully others too). I have a lot of respect for you and enjoy your music, so thanks for doing the right thing!

    • jesskia says:

      hun he has not done his homework sorry otherwise he would not have said that period but he will learn later on in years that a lot of people with autism have a high IQ hun then most normal minds

  54. FF says:

    That’s a really, really good apology. Awesomely done, Cole.

  55. ZaidaD says:

    Yes! thank you very much! now i can continue listening to his music which i .. without feeling bad about him basically making fun of my childs condition! love j cole and drake. THANK YOU J.Cole!!!! Loveu even more now. (dont let it happen again) #BORNSINNER

  56. Skrypt says:

    It’s one thing to say something and realize it; but it’s something completely different to build upon that. The example you are setting to young rappers and musicians in general is dope. Keep it real Jermaine.

  57. Sharmaine Bowers says:

    JCole thank you. This post was greatly appreciated. Autism is hard to deal with and comments that mothers like myself get is like the old adage “rubbing salt in the wound.” Once again, thank you. Also if you want to understand autism a little more, I invite you to come and have a visit my 8 year old son Kenny. I am sure you will like him, if not love him, he’s cool. Sharmaine

  58. Kara Richardson says:

    Thank you SOOOOO much for the apology! you don’t know how much it means to us! My three year old daughter has autism and is non verbal, but is the most wonderful and sweet little girl! Please consider changing the verse to the song???

  59. Steven P says:

    My nigga Cole! Respect for this message. But as a fan and as a resident of NYC, i appreciate what you have done with rap. You’re one of the few that have meaningful messages in your songs. With that being said, one of my wishes is for you and EMINEM to collab on a song. I know you said he’s one of your idols and i feel like that song will be epic. Produced by either NO ID, Dr. Dre, Em, or even yourself the song will be an instant classic. Much love bro!

  60. Dear J. Cole:

    I thank you and appreciate your apology. I must say that I was very disappointed with your “Jodeci Freestyle” lyrics. I showed your lyrics to Chase’s big brother (Chad, 16) who loves your music and he was also disappointed. My constant struggle is with our African American community understanding the importance of helping their children at a young age and conveying the importance of preparing their children for this cruel world. Did you know that many people on the spectrum commit suicide because they are bullied and not accepted in our society? Many African-Americans are not diagnosed at all and have been gunned down because they understand they should not hold a knife and put it down when instructed.

    The African-Amercan community needs so many voices to care about them in the urban areas and not just Hollywood. Maybe you can be a spokesperson about “Consider being friend with someone on the spectrum”.

    My husband and I started the Greater Waterbury Walk Now for Autism Speaks four years ago to raise awareness in the urban and suburban communities. We have been successful bringing these diverse communities together for a day at the Walk. We both work full time and very busy but take time out to make a difference. I look forward to seeing you make a difference.

    Of course, I cannot allow Chase to listen to your music because it is not appropriate for a child on the spectrum to listen to the lyrics. It can also be dangerous because they cannot always discern when it is appropriate to repeat what they hear.

    Maybe you can make a clean song and all the proceeds benefit autism programs for the urban youth. I’m sure there are programs that need to be started in North Carolina. Maybe have a training program to teach the over 21 people on the spectrum to be roadies, audio engineers, etc. This would provide them a job since many cannot survive socially in a college atmosphere.

    Thank you for our apology to US!

    H Taylor

    • _krowned says:

      You should introduce your son to the clean version of Crooked Smile. It’s been a big inspiration in my own life, best of luck to you :)

    • Hector says:

      Lady, fuck you … seriously. It’s his money and he can do what the hell he wants with it. You’re just REACHING now and it’s sad.

  61. Austin's Mom says:

    I love a man who apologizes, but I even more love a man who fixes what he does wrong. Will the lyrics be changed and not used anymore?

  62. Tiffany says:

    Been a fan since day 1. Still am a fan. Your talent, your modesty, your good heart overlooks the bad. I work with people with mental disabilities, and of course it upset me slightly that one of my favorite rappers said something offensive about something I, and many are sensitive about. You manned up tho, and learned from your mistakes. Keep doing what youre doing.

  63. Anna says:

    Thank you for this heartfelt apology. I hope other artists will follow your example. Consider me a new fan.

  64. Amber says:

    I would like to Thank You for taking the time to apologize. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone acknowledges and takes accountability for thier mistakes. As the mother of a 6 yr old, extremely intelligent autistic son. I can tell you I cannot count the number of times my parenting has been criticized but cause my son breaks down in social situations, or the stares he recieves when he covers his ears and cries inconsolably when the garbage man comes down the street. My child has been called stupid, dumb, retarded, not just by other children but by adults who should know better. I encourage everyone to learn more about Autism to better understand what those affected by it go through on a daily basis. *AUTISM: Always Unique Totally Intelligent Sometimes Mysterious*

  65. Thank you, thank you, thank you for having the guts to write this apology! You have shown the world what integrity and humility look like. As the mother of three adult boys (two on the spectrum), my family struggles daily with ignorance as close as our own neighborhood. It is a painful existence at times but can also be a wonderful experience, knowing such beautiful minds. I do hope that one day, you will write about autism and just how special it can be.

  66. mysty says:

    Thank you.

  67. cori says:

    I had no idea about the lyrics in your song until I saw all the negative press on FB. My 12 yr old son has high functioning autism – my inclination when I read the lyrics was to be offended, but I learned long ago that taking offense to what was said by those who didn’t know was a waste of time….so I was not offended. I was, however, saddened, as I thought about my son and his ability to understand those lyrics if he had ever read or heard them and knowing how they would affect him. His desire to be a part of this world – the world with the “normal” people – is a very real desire, and very tangible, as well….but he has to work VERY hard to overcome his innermost tendencies to accomplish his social goals. Social interaction is very awkward and clumsy for him, and, so far, he has been very blessed with people at school who can see how hard he is trying and have been very gracious with him.

    Anyway – all of that to say that, as his mother (who often feels very ill-equipped to help him through these struggles), I CAN NOT TELL YOU how much your apology means to me….or to my family. I wept as I read your sincere words – it takes a real man to own up to his mistakes, to admit them so freely in such a public forum, and it is very clear that you made this apology because you WANTED to, not because you “had” to for publicity reasons. Autism is very real in this world, and there is no cure: education and awareness is the best future we can offer our children with autism. I believe that your apology will become a very effective platform for raising awareness and increasing education. Thank you SO much for your sincerity, and for your apology. :)

  68. Kimi says:

    Thank you for the heartfelt apology J. Cole. Accepted!
    I am a mother of a very sweet 6yr old boy with Autism. He is curled up next to me asleep in my chair as I type this. All of us make mistakes, myself included. A lot of good can come from this mistake if you can help to educate others to understand those affected with Autism. Please use this mistake to help my son and others like him gain acceptance in our society. Deep down they are just like everyone else, wanting to be accepted and not made fun of because they are different. I think many people can relate to this.
    Peace \/

  69. Kayla says:


  70. Abbey's mom says:

    As an ‘autism momma’, I appreciate this more than you know. Not just for apologizing, but also for being an example….thank you!

  71. sunny says:

    As a mom with two little guys with autism, I sincerely appreciate your apology and your letter. This world needs more humility and more grace and I feel like this situation – and the way you’ve responded – gives rise for both. Thank you.

  72. Brooke Price says:

    This is one of the most sincere apologies I have ever read… I thank you for it.. The lyrics offended me highly (and I don’t offend easily).. This apology just made me develop the utmost respect for you as an artist! As a mother of a severely autistic 9 year old boy, I also thank you for expressing interest in learning more about our children! You’ll never spend time with a more interesting group of individuals as the time you could spend with autistics. They open your mind to a whole new way of thinking and seeing the world!

  73. Jasmine says:

    Very nice J.Cole. So much respect for you. I can tell this letter was sincere

  74. Cassidy Daugherty says:

    This meant so much to me. My little sister has autism, so I know what she goes through. I was honestly surprised when I heard you say what you did in the Jodeci Freestyle, but I am not surprised that you realized it was wrong and apologized. Your music inspires me and you inspire me. Thank you so much for being you.

  75. Julie says:

    I am a mom of autistic kids and non-autistic kids and proud of you for responding to the reaction in this way. Because you have now set this better example for (all of) my kids, I can use you as a talking point about the merits of understanding and forgiveness. Your public apology will speak volumes to them… maybe more than your music. I hope it is sincere and we will continue to follow your career to see if it is.

  76. Kaylie and Macy's Mommy says:

    As the mother of two incredible little girls who are affected by Autism, I sincerely appreciate and accept your apology. I believe it was heartfelt and true. Thank you.

  77. JonRalphs says:

    Dear Mr. Cole,

    Thank you for this bro. I know a lot of people were bashing you on other websites for this apology saying that it’s a lack of manhood. Saying that it downgrades and completely dispels the point of rap. What they don’t get is this isn’t the point of rap to diss people, communities or to degrade. Your words have power and I hope you understand that a lot more now and know that’s why we listen to you and that’s why were your fans, because we know you have something to say. We know that the communications degree means something and it’s time for you to begin to bring that into your music. It’s time for you to expand on the meaning of hip-hop. To use it as a tool a beautiful tool not one that continues to shovel dirt onto the grave that is this world. Thank you for the apology I know a young kid who personally suffers form autism and if he could read this I know he would smile.



    • Suzanne B. says:

      I agree, Luis! Cole has the intelligence, skills and heart to make a difference in his genre. I’d love for him to use those talents to “keep it real” in a different way in hip-hop.

  78. Sarah says:

    You’rd a good person Cole.

  79. Annette says:

    J. Cole I’ve been a fan of yours for so so long now and I am always amazed with the type man you are. This apology heightens those feelings. Well written and I know it was so sincere. We all make mistakes but what’s important is owning up and learning from them which you have done! Born Sinner is incredible by the way! Bought 3 copies! Much love!!

  80. Taylor says:

    My brother has mild autism and he is in love with J. Cole’s music. We didn’t really take any offense in it. But I have even more respect for the apology! I’ve always been a huge fan, Since “Who Dat”. J. Cole’s words have always inspired me. He speaks from the heart and to our soul. #ColeWorld

  81. Lynn says:

    I have a 4 yr old nephew with autism. When I heard about the lyrics I was livid. I am very protective of the people I love, especially my niece & nephew.
    My nephew is a very loving, sweet child that loves music. When he gets upset music can calm and soothe him. Any music makes him break out into dance. He loves music so much he actually gets upset sometimes when music stops.
    That being said I saw your apology posting and appreciate you taking the time to apologize. I believe it is pure and from your heart.
    As a journalist I know many music, film & TV artists often say or do things for “shock” value. Many of them never apologize for offending or upsetting people.
    Again, thank you for realizing how much words can affect people. It takes a strong person to admit when they make a mistake. So this speaks volumes to your character.
    I know a rapper has to be “hard” and it’s not the “coolest” thing to show vulnerability. I hope you will consider what a great platform you possess to educate others not just on autism, but a variety of issues affecting millions of Americans.
    Thank you very much again. God Bless you.

  82. Elorm Attor says:

    Men Cole what you’ve written has really made a difference.I was arguing with my friends the other day about what you said about autism in jodecci..They was like you should be ashamed of your self and atleast try to apologize and I was like I know you would apologize soon cause i dont think you will purposely diss them…Youve made me more proud to call you my role model by posting this apology..#ColeForPresident

  83. kevin Healey says:

    Thanks for the apology Cole but you still need to remove the offensive lyrics, as a person living with AUTISM i find them very offensive, you wrote them so please REMOVE them, you knew what you was putting have Some HUMANITY PLEASE

  84. I wanted to personally thank you for your apology. It means a lot to those of us who are raising children with Autism. I really didn’t understand myself how hurtful words really were until I had children. I used words like retarded..and I have a cousin who is retarded. But like I said I didn’t get it until I was trying to protect someone I loved. Gosh it burns you like the fire of a thousand suns. I understand what you mean about rap. I grew up on it. How far is too far? Thank you for understanding and reaching out to us as a community. You have my support.

  85. Ajay says:

    I have a cousin with autism and felt offended but after this letter I accept J cole’s apology. Would any other rapper come out and apologize on a lyric.

  86. ARP says:

    As a graduating university student with aspergers and a music / lyrical fiend….

    Mr. Cole, oneluv and a whole lot of respect coming your way

  87. sandy sek says:

    Thank you so much for owning your words and taking measures to rectify them. We’ve all said something we would take back if we could. Your sincere apology is the closest you can get to doing just that. I have so much respect for you and look forward to seeing continued success in your career and spreading that love you spoke of. You have a better platform than most of us to bring about autism awareness. Please use it to help the autism community. Lots of love!

  88. jill says:

    apology accepted and very appreciated.

  89. J Cole, you have earned my respect. When Russell Lehmann tweeted me asking me to say something to you about this, I suggested to him that he write his own lyrics in response. As you know, he did. Another friend I’ve met through Awe in Autism, Nicole Nicholson, wrote a poem in response to your lyrics and posted it on her blog.

    This morning, my plan was to post both of their responses on the Awe in Autism website and begin a mass campaign on behalf of all those who were hurt by your words. As it turns out, these two incredible artists didn’t need my help. On their own they reached thousands of people through Twitter, and most important, they reached you.

    It takes maturity and understanding to offer a public apology, and not many people would be willing to say what you have said. Thank you.

    Today, I will not write a blog post aimed at bringing attention to your insensitivity. Instead, I’ll post a link to your apology, and tell our followers a wonderful story about how the voices of a few people with autism have had a dramatic impact, and how a high-profile musician was moved by their words to say “I’m sorry.”

    With respect and appreciation,

    Deborah French
    Awe in Autism

  90. that girl says:

    We don’t ‘suffer’ from autism. And a lot of us are tired of hearing about how frustrating it must be to raise us.

    • Suzanne B. says:

      Thanks for pointing this out, “that girl.” If you offered me a treatment today that would remove my 9yo son’s autism, I can honestly say I wouldn’t accept it. Because that would remove what makes him awesome–his focused passion for music, his utter joy in performing, his unique point of view, his infectious sense of humor.

  91. Bazar BAck says:

    Real one!

  92. Brian says:

    Cole, I hope you have children with Asperger’s or Autism and get to struggle with their issues. Let’s hope you wouldn’t run from them and stand up and be a real man and help and support them. You claim your apology was sincere? Then put your money where your mouth is — why don’t you throw some money at those “retards” and help those in your community? I work with those “retards” every day and schools struggle with finding dollars every day — why don’t you find one or several schools and help those you chose to make a conscious decision to mock and belittle. Money — that would make a “sincere” apology. You have proven where your mind is and how cheap your words are! Step up to the plate and perhaps then I will believe.

    • MotherOfTwo says:

      He runs several programs in his community. I think you better turn your rage on someone like Macklemore who has the word in his songs but no one is launching a massive campaign to boycott his music. Seems you want to be mad to be mad. I hope you mess up and when you try to apologize and learn from your mistakes you are greeted with the same attitude you have here.

  93. Hello J. Cole: I am the other poet (mentioned by Russell Lehman and Deborah Frencg) who wrote a response to your lyrics. Thank you for your sincere and heartfelt apology, for listening to the autism community, and for being willing to admit and learn from your mistake. There is a great deal of ignorance which still exists about autism, and I am glad that you chose to be openminded and learn about us. As an African-American autistic person, I still continue to encounter ignorance about autism in our community. Perhaps this can be changed one person at a time.

    -Nicole Nicholson

  94. J. Cole Has Apologized: Now What? Read my response to his apology from an autism parent here:

  95. Amma says:

    Thank you. I’m not a fan, your music just isn’t my preferred genre. But I was outraged and sent you and Drake both letters when I heard about the offending song. Many of my friends are fans, and they, too, were outraged. People who don’t walk in our life don’t understand why it’s such a big deal. I think you, understand when you really look at it why it was so bad. It’s similar, not the same but similar, to the racial war we can never quite seem to get over. There’s already so much negativity, discrimination, and prejudice out there, that when a popular artist like yourself that people admire and look up to produces something like the song you did, it just makes it so much worse. The fact that you have realized your mistake and came out and apologized for it in what seems to me to be a sincere effort to right the wrong is amazing. I have a lot of respect for you to be able to admit that you went too far and were too offensive. There’s only one problem. You can apologize to us and to your fans. But the music is still out there. You’ve planted a seed of hate with one lyric. Do you remember the Colorado shootings? One person posted on social media that every person with autism should be rounded up and burned to death because they would grow up to be mass murderers like the shooter that night who allegedly had Asperger’s. One person. That spread like wild fire. There are still groups on Facebook promoting that message. People actually attempted to carry out those acts. I know of at least one little boy, an innocent, happy little boy, who met this fate. Your words reach more people that this one person posting on the social media site words ever will. An apology is great, but it doesn’t take the message back. The song has been heard, bought, downloaded. It’s out there. I’m curious to see if you will take this a step further and try to really right the wrong. We’re not asking for huge donations to autism organizations. Your words and your actions will be enough. I encourage you to keep spreading the message that hate is never an acceptable option. Because your apology, while well received, is not enough. The damage has already been done. It’s up to you to try to reverse it.

  96. cambria says:

    Hi My son who is 8 yrs old has Autism we go through a lot with him he can’t talk and he has trouble walking. What you said about kids and Adults with Autism wasn’t very nice,I didn’t hear it but i seen it on yahoo what you said. They go through alot of things they cant deal with everyday, My son doesn’t like change . It is very hard for him we have to worry about another kids and people making fun of him .. And we have to hear you rap about you making fun of them that’s not right

    • kim says:

      my grandson is also non verbal he cryed when he heard it and typed me a letter to tell me,he doesnt like when someone dis-likes him i know how you feel

  97. Jimmy Valentime says:

    Cole you let Sheldon down …

  98. Ciara says:

    Brian.. Gtfo. Money isn’t everything… He apologized, whether it’s sincere or not.. Good job, Cole. (:
    Stay strooong. We all should appreciate your apology❤.

  99. James Smyth says:

    Thank you for your sincerity, J. Cole. If you’d like to know more about autism, you can read the blog of my 19-year old autistic brother John who cannot speak but types to communicate, and who is brilliant and trying his hardest in high school to make up for 17 years lost when people thought there was nothing going on inside his head because he couldn’t put it into words.

    Here’s a short description from him on what developing autism is like.

    Thanks so much for your concern and God bless.

  100. Brandon says:

    What Cole did wasn’t worse than what any other rappers have said in there songs , as in the past , there has been cases where other lyricist have said stuff that was demeaning. However , this apology that he made shows the class that he has as individual , and i respect that , as im sure he didn’t mean to be hurtful with his lyrics. Besides , i’ve heard songs where rappers made regards to people of disabilities , but didn’t catch any flack for it like Cole did. Big Sean had a song where called supa dupa lemonade , where he said ” and i spit that retarded shit , just call it autism”. With that said , people need to realize that , as a hip hop listener , sometimes you have to distinguish the difference between the artist being a lyricist , and being playful with there words , to them just being offensive. But respect to Cole for showing the courtesy to apologize on behalf of his lyrics and the Autism Community.

  101. Stepteaux says:

    That’s all fine and dandy the apology and all, but what about the term “faggot” you used on the first track of the album? You have a lot of young listeners who may be LGBTQ…why don’t you apologize to them, too? Taking continuous jabs at them through artists they admire doesn’t make life easier for them. It further complicates the issue of homo/bi/trans phobia in the music industry and beyond.

  102. James says:

    Thanks for the apology–it was the right thing to do, and it means a lot to parents raising kids with autism spectrum disorders, and to those afflicted.

  103. Julie says:

    If your really that sincere take the song off the air change the wording do something to really prove your not making fun of Autistic kids !!!!!!

  104. HumbleKrit says:

    ”I aint no Muslim though Kuran butler I’m a wizard if he doesnt know.” I’m a big fan but wasnt that offensive too?

  105. Danielle says:

    J. Cole,
    This brought tears to my eyes. I love your music and respect you as a person. It did hurt when I read and saw those lyrics. This apology has made me have even more respect for you as an artist and a human being! Everyone makes mistakes and takes a REAL MAN to own them and make it right! Keep being you and giving us great music! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  106. Heather says:

    I am a proud aspie mom of two kids on the spectrum & wife. I appreciate your appology. I hope that in the future you will learn more about autism & put your voice out there for autism awareness. Thank you & God bless.

  107. kim says:

    Im very disappointed you would poke fun at someone less fortunate than yourself….my grandson is autistic and adores you to the heavens he cryed when he heard what you said he wrote me a note saying why dont you like him cause hes different? i didnt know what to tell him.

  108. momof2 says:

    My son has Autism/Aspergers and I was not offended by your lyrics at all. I was stunned but it is not a personal attack. I do however think you should acknowledge the brilliant Autistic minds of the arts. Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss, Van Gogh and current. Woody Allen, Bob Dylan, Bobby Fischer, Andy Warhol and suspected – Bill Gates, Tim Burton (self diagnosed) I could go on but you get the point. To have an autistic mind can be amazing and a lot of beauty has come from several of these minds. We wouldn’t even have electricity…..

    • Grandma Loves Her Autistic Grandchild says:

      Well, would you be offended if I considered you a “sell out” and a disappointment as parent of an Autistic child? Grab your guts, lady, and stand up for your son. What a wimpy, and completely pathetic comment. This is no time to be sappy and all “oh, gee whiz, I know you really didn’t mean it…” Stand up for your child!

  109. Tim says:

    Cole World!!! #Positivity

  110. Susan Loring says:

    Sadly, your apology only goes half way. Those who are challenged with intellectual disabilities also struggle. Use of the “R” word is hurtful as well. Many with ASD in it’s more sever manifestation are also challenged by intellectual disability. Go the distance and apologize for that remark as well, and cease using the “R” word if you really want to make a difference and be a role model.

    As the parent of a 28 year old man who is challenged with a more severe form of autism, I commend your efforts to make ammends and hope that you will take it further. Should you wish to learn more feel free to contact me.

  111. Monica Donnelly says:

    Just wondering, if you really wrote this and came up with this heartfelt apology of if someone wrote it for you? Also, how could you or SOMEONE on your team not have known that it is not ok… Regardless of the Autism statement… Retarded? Stop using the word. – an Autism mom

  112. J. Figs says:

    J. Cole,

    My man. Nothing but the utmost respect for you and for this post. It takes a real man the courage to identify his mistake and apologize on behalf of it. Way to go man. Keep doing what you do bro.

  113. Adornay Tep says:

    Don’t know what lyrics your on about, don’t really care.
    Thanks for the apology but words are mere words at least you aint dowsing us in sun cream and setting fire to us.
    Which in the UK comes with a sentence on 3.5 years of which only 1/2 is served.
    Nothing you can say is more sick than this fact.

  114. PAT LAPPIN says:

    Are you apologizing for the comment or the fact that you’re ignorant?

  115. Emily Groves says:

    Thank you for taking the time to craft and share such an eloquent apology. Those advocating for individuals with life-affecting disabilities, including autism, spend so much time, energy and heart advocating for their loved ones. Words matter – and how we all talk about people leads to how we treat them. ALL people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Thank you for spreading this important message and for giving those who are fighting for basic human rights something to cheer about.

  116. Rachel Collins says:

    So, when will you be removing the offensive lyrics?

    • Kathy says:

      Drake issued an apology too:

      J. Cole wrote a beautiful and moving apology to individuals and families affected by autism who were understandably hurt by a verse in “Jodeci Freestyle”. I share responsibility and offer my sincerest apologies for the pain this has caused. Individuals with autism have brilliant and creative minds, and their gifts should not be disparaged or discounted. This was a learning lesson for both of us, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to try to right this wrong. J. Cole and I believe that it is the right, responsible, and respectful decision to remove the lyric from the song.

  117. Jenny says:

    As the parent of a High Function Autistic child, thank you for the apology. Yes, what you said was offensive but you realized it and gave, what to me felt sincere, an apology that was very well written. People make mistakes, as long as they are willing to own up to it and apologize for the offense, that’s what matters. So, thank you.

  118. Kazmartins says:

    I am glad that you have realised the damage that your lyrics have done, but perhaps you should come and live in my 2 Autistic childrens shoes for a day, as you do not have a clue!!. As a person who is a role model, whether they want to be or not, you have a certain responsibility to make sure that your lyrics do not harm or cause offence to others. You come across as a nice person, please feel free to contact me when in the UK for a visit xx

  119. Mandy says:

    I don’t think your apology was sincere at all. You seriously didn’t think what you were saying was offensive, I find that incredibly hard to believe. That’s what’s wrong with music these days. People rap and sing about things they don’t know a thing about. Stop fronting like you’re educated. Then apologies like this would be necessary. You guys can forgive him but I have no intention too. You have no idea what I go through as a parent every day, probably for the rest of my life. I think your record company execs had everything to do with your heartfelt apology.

  120. Check out this video from a Miami Rapper who fights for people with autism!

  121. mama L *Understand Autism NOW* says:

    J. Cole -
    My hope is that you read this comment and remember that even with an apology, it is so unfortunate that you can never make those lyrics completely disappear. They will be left behind in old music collections long after your popularity is gone. When you’ve grown older and have gained some maturity, it will be disappointing that this will be something you were known for. What contribution did you make to the world?

    I’m a just a few years younger than you, J. Cole, and the mother of a beautiful and loving child with Autism. Listening to pop music throughout my day was a short break from the huge responsibilities and stresses I have while caring for my special needs child.

    I would like to know, what is going to be done towards removing these hateful words before the album is dropped and the song is spread even more?

    The last thing people with Autism need is more people misunderstanding and judging them along with people being down right mean to them.

    My loyalty and commitment belongs with helping the special needs community and their families, and doing what I can to enrich their lives. I will no longer spend another dime supporting anyone in the industry that is associated with you, or with Drake since it seems none of you have any true interest in rectifying this situation beyond trying not to lose money.

    I bought a ticket to a Lil Wayne concert this summer, but I am now in the process of selling that ticket because I will not support this kind of ignorance. I WAS a huge Lil Wayne fan for many years. However, the fact that he is associated with Drake, and Drake’s song has your repugnant lyric on it, is enough for me to leave all of you behind and never look back.

    Let’s assume that all that matters to you is the money; there is one last fact you may want to consider: It is our generation that is having children with Autism now.

    The rates have increased dramatically, and it is those parents that are your age that will not want to support you by buying your music or attending your concerts. According to statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , it is estimated that 1 in 88 American children are on the autism spectrum.

    PLEASE do something to fix the lyrics in this song. Until something is done with the actual song, a written apology is not enough.

  122. Iesha says:

    I will say that i did send you a tweet and everything in me wanted to be rude, ignorant , disrespectful and all that BUT I DIDNT because two wrongs dont make a right. Im glad you made an apology because as a mother of a child with severe autism YOU HAVE NO IDEA how hard it is. Just do me a favor if nothing more or nothing less EDUCATE YOURSELF on this. Please and thanks!

  123. Jo says:

    As a mom of a young boy who is severely autistic, I wholeheartedly accept your apology. Thank you so much for standing up and taking responsibility for your actions. You are a man with a large platform and can do so much good in the world with your talents. Young people need to see that words matter, because they lead to opinions, which lead to action. The wrong words can harm many; the right ones have infinite power to heal. Today you healed many with your heartfelt apology, and I’m happy to accept it!

  124. Emmanuel Taylor says:

    I knew he would apologize, he’s not a fool…

  125. AD says:

    I truly appreciate your apology. I am raising a son with Autism and one thing I always tell him is that he may not be so great at some things but he is here for others to learn from. I think your eyes have been opened to what some of us who deal with the on a daily basis are faced with. There are so many who look up to you, and you have shown them that those with Autism are not a punchline or a lyric to a song. they are people who can teach you something if you open your mind to learn. thank you for being a decent human. much love

  126. Joseluis Avalos says:

    Great start. How about stepping up and hosting a benefit show on behalf of those affected by Autism?

  127. moonie ramirez says:

    J.Cole i am 23 years old with a son who is 4 years old with autism and he loves your music as do I especially your song “Can’t get enough” . I have your born sinner album and want to thank you for spreading love and taking time to write about this mistake. I would love for you to maybe do a “walk for autism” or a concert for these children! Appreciate this apology and your a intelligent rapper!!

  128. Viv says:

    As a parent with a spectrum kiddo and caregiver to many mentally challenged adults, when I first heard about the song, and looked up the lyrics, I was outraged, and was among the many petitioning boycotting of anything to do with J. Cole or Drake.
    That said, I was grateful to see this. I hope more people in such public spots in life will step up and try to bridge the gap between the “neuro-typical” or “normal” and the different.
    We all have challenges in life, and each of us have to deal with those challenges the best we can.
    I hope in the future, more celebrities will try to spread love and unity, and not try to further separate us from one another. If we all stand together, nothing is impossible <3

  129. Missy says:

    As a mother of a child with autism, I sincerely thank you for this.
    We fight for our children to be recognized, for people to want to learn about who they really are and for others to realize what autism is truly about.

    Thank you for your sincere apology and I applaud you for striving to educate yourself about the autism community. I think you will be surprised by what you find.

  130. Ryan says:

    I’m a big fan of yours and I was very shocked and hurt to hear those words get said. I’ve got many friends and family who have Autism and I’ve dedicated my life to helping students with exceptionalities succeed so those words hit me harder hearing that from someone I root for when taking about the crown of rap these days. That being said, this is exactly what needed to be said and I’m glad this was not some bullshit apology. This was sincere and I hope you do more for the cause than just this. You can do so much in your position: Advocate, Educate, Donate, Volunteer, etc. This should just be the beginning…a great one, at that.

    One Love

  131. dave says:

    and I’m sure we’re sorry youre a talentless jackass who could easily have any number of racial slurs thrown at him (god, im tempted)

    the amusing part, is i have aspergers and i can at least dress myself. unlike everyone in YOUR community, you worthless sack of human trash.

    I hope the war ends up on your doorstep. I really do.

  132. Dear J.Cole, up until the receint remarks about autsim, I didn’t know who you were, but I just wanted to give you my reaction. I read your lyrcs, and I am not offended, nor do I think your lyrcs were written to be mean or insensitive, you are a musical artist, and, I love and appreciate all types of music. I have an 8 year old child with autism, and our daily life at home is a constant challange. MY child is the light of my life, but if I could wave a magic wand and make her condition go away, I would. We have many sleepless nights, alot of meltdowns, and the limited abilty to speak. I write about my life in a journel. I pray alot, because I sometimes need strength to get through the day, I pray so I know what to do to help my child because she can’t tell me, and I pray that my husband and I have what it takes to stay together, because our relationship is really put to the test. I am not angry at you at all. I wish you peace, happiness, and sucess as a musical artist. You said in your apology that you wanted to learn more about autism. I hope I was able to give you some better insight.

  133. Thinkaboutit says:

    We all make mistakes. Some here are arguing whether he did enough to deserve forgiveness, but have WE done our part? Have all of us dropped all our prejudice? Dropped all of the offensive slang we use? Dropped all of or secret feelings of superiority we have over certain groups of people?

    If not, please do yourself a favor and emulate the act of Mr. Cole. Continue your journey of being a better person one small act at a time.

  134. EHDCoyne says:

    I wasn’t even aware of the lyric but I’m absolutely touched by the apology. Keep spreading the love and grace! You’ve gained a fan.

  135. alison hunt says:

    Your apology is thoughtful and heartfelt and I thank you for that. If you truly do understand or are trying to…you would realize that this verse needs to be re-recorded. We don’t want our kids peers repeating this and using it as a credo to bully our kids. As I had posted on your facebook page, you are a role model and should know better. Now you have admitted that yourself…take the next step and please remove those disrespectful and hurtful lyrics. Thank you on behalf of all parents with children who have autism in one form or another.

  136. Paris E says:

    As a mother to an autistic child, I have to genuinely applaud this apology and your desire to right a wrong, and more importantly to dedicate yourself to educate youself to autism. When you first came out, I remember twittering how you were going to make it… After hearing the lyric, I was hurt in that I supported your success early on. But ne reading this, I still consider my first impression … You’re going to make it… Both in the industry, and as a good person. Hold fast to your continuing education, and stand for those who need standing for. Kudos J… This public heart felt ‘genuine’ apology, was Grown man ish. Thank you. And I hope as you learn more about autism and the autism communty, you willl continue to show support and awareness. god Bless abd keep you.


  137. Amy says:

    I am all about learning from our mistakes. Your words are kind, considerate and everything we want to hear. As the mother of a child with Autism I cannot help but be a little skeptical and wonder if a PR person is not responsible for these words. In all honesty if you truly feel the way your apology states then when are those lyrics being removed from the song? When are you going to stop making money at the expense of the Autism community? That is when I will know the truth behind the words.

  138. Louise says:

    Thank you on behalf on my 5 year old son with ASD – heartfelt apology and accepted

  139. Thank you so much for your heartfelt apology. It takes a great deal of courage to admit having made a mistake of this magnitude when you are such a public figure, and I respect what you have done. I still implore you to rewrite the song with less hurtful lyrics, please. But this is a welcome first step, and a huge one. You are a well-spoken young man and I am optimistic that you will be able to use your celebrity status to positively impact individuals with intellectual disability and those on the autism spectrum. On behalf of my family, your apology is enthusiastically accepted. Thank you. Morénike

  140. Brandon says:

    I have a 4 year old son who is Autistic. Im from the Bronx and have always been about this Hip Hop life. I never knew what it was like to deal with this Autism situation until I was put in it. My son is a genius and makes us happy everyday. I’m glad you spoke up and apologized for that line in your verse. I would have really taken that personal and never supported you ever again. Be well, and good luck on your path to Stardom!!

  141. raquel says:

    I gainned so much more respect for you as a person not just one of my favoriterappers. My brother unfortunetly was diagnosed with autism and I can assure you he is far away from being retarted. He is currently a junior in high school and through out his school life I saw how he basically suffered from bullies making fun og him evetyday but he would put all that aside amd just focus on his studies and till day my brother is one of the smartest human being I know. So thank you Colefor the apology to autism people who are the britghtest people you can ever meet.

  142. Genna says:

    Thank you, apology accepted. Respect.

  143. Vannessa Sniffen says:

    This really touched my heart. I have more respect for J. Cole more as a man now than an artist. I have a son with autism and I was highly upset with the offensive lyrics, but I also understand that people say things out of ignorance. He did not know there for he said something offensive. Now that he is informed I believe J. Cole will speak highly and use his words wisely. Thank you from my son. Thank you from myself. I appreciate the light you have shined down on those with autism. People will now be able to find for themselves what it means and the life of people with autism. Thank you J. Cole!

  144. jernik says:

    You’re a loser, I don’t buy your sorry. So many ignorant people on here supporting you. Sickening. Just remember Karma.

  145. Susan says:

    Very nice. Thank you for a sincere apology.

  146. Darlene says:

    Mr. Cole
    I have read your apology and believe you are sincerly sorry. Moreover, I am impressed that you gave a full and proper apology by taking responsibility for your words, acknowledging the pain they caused and saying sorry. Sadly, there are not many who would do so.
    As an aspie (a person with Asperger’s Syndrome) and a mentor with Best Buddies (an organization that establishes friendships with people who have intellectual disabilities; my buddy had a form of moderate MR) I know how deeply it hurts for the terms ‘autistic’ and ‘retard’ can hurt. They are thrown around so often in todays society as insults. This, along with the general stigma associated with mental illness in general causes us much grief. The outcry over that verse in your lyrics carries with it the pain and we’ve often had to endure from stigma, insult and bullying.
    However, given your sincere apology and how easily thesae terms are tossed around, I do not feel it was your intent to be hurtful. You are human, and we’ve all have things in our past which we regret. It takes a strong person to admit when they are wrong and attempt to make amends. In your apology you have shown you are a moral person, a man of principle and charactor. I think you have learned from this and will refrain from such insults in the future. I accept your apology, and thank you for being man enough to offer one.

  147. chris webber says:

    J. Cole. One your verse on Jodeci Freestyle was f***ing Great. FUCK what others are trying to say about the words you use in you songs. I did not hear you say anything about retarded people. I hear you say to other rappers that they are not artistic they are autistic, retarded. That is not worded towered anybody but other rappers. J.Cole you give the people line after line of a spectacular verse. You even Killed Drake on his track! What are you apologizing for? Because what happened to Rick Ross and Reebok. When you start talking about getting chicks that are Mollied then that is a different story. Calling other rappers retarded is not NO BIG DEAL! WHy? I am the C.E.O. of Bad Azz Entertainment I have all Hip Hop artists on my team right now, and looking for others. I am Gay. Yes I said It for the first time publicly. I wish it did not have to come to this however someone has to stand up for Straight people and what is being said and done in America right now. I don’t have any problem with any of my friends saying, “that’s gay” or use of the work fag. Before today I just informed the people that I worked with. Now It’s a Big ass problem I have with people making statements that I as a black man don’t care for and as a gay black man I don’t care for. If anyone has a problem with what I am about to tell the world about Gays and their sensitivity then you can take it up with me one on one. Gays and the word fag and calling people gay if you’re acting gay I am going to call it gay and I will say “stop acting like a fag”. Why Because it is true. The one thing Americans are not saying about gay men which is one of the reason I have never been with a man is because the majority of gay males lie. How? Well, think about it. You know a guy that has been gay for years that everyone knows about and yet he lies and says he’s not gay and has girl friends and what not. Then later on say yea I am gay, starts queening out and talking about how many other people are gay or who they think is gay everything that they talk about is a gay thing. If that is what being gay is about. Fuck that Ill stay alone and deal with it when I get to God. Look I don’t know about others but Gay is a choice not like black or white. I have never seen a baby born with gay tendencies. I worked in healthcare and doctors can show you brain scans of anything to get their point across the one thing that people are forgetting they have the license to Practice, meaning if more proof positive information is found they will change their opinion from the last statement they had made. Some gay men want to walk around looking at males like some males look at females in the club; like a piece of meat. I don’t do it and neither should any Gay man. The Majority of the world is straight. Respect it. As for this whole insensitive shit. Life says Fuck You all the time not because is wants to but, because the rules that are set in place. If you cannot handle life, something is wrong with you as a person. I understand that all people deserve respect. That is where Love comes in. See I don’t stand for gay rights, but if people want to fight for it fine by me. You like it I love it. When we as a people in a Free America with the right of free speech can’t use words against people something is wrong. I know, what about being called a Nigger or a Bitch. The real question is this: Are you one? From every american business to every american FREE speech should be given and respect, and should be given to those that chose to express themselves. See when people were marching for civil rights they were called every name in the book but a child of God. To stop and get to the point, as for myself, I do not have any gay friends due to the fact I don’t want to talk about gay shit all the time. I like my straight friend and respect them and will ride and Die for all of them. I don’t like that gay men want to be able to hit on straight men and not get cussed out for it. I respect males like Frank Ocean that aren’t running around promoting some fake gay agenda. Yes I said it G.L.A.D. I do not apologize for it either. I can’t stand that people can’t speak their minds in America anymore without someone crying about it instead of looking at it as a grown-up. Words are words. The pen is mightier then the sword when it comes to writing Laws and the Bible, etc. What ever happened to the statement, “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”?

  148. Rebecca Bond says:

    A good first step. I am sure many people would love to see you take the next step by donating to charitable causes that help and advocate for the Mentally Challenged.

  149. Mart says:

    Clearly trying save his career shame it takes people to cause an uproar to make him realise it was wrong.would he apologise if no one complained I think not any money made off the song should be donated to autism charity that would be a start.

  150. EmilyC says:

    Shoes on the other foot …. suppose somebody offended your race…. is it art or offensive. Respect and equality has to go for all not just a few who chose to pass it off as art.

  151. Madissa says:

    That was a very sincere apology. He knows, that what was said was inappropriate and offensive and has dealt with it fittingly. He doesn’t come across, as someone who would intentionally hurt someone. Not sure many people would have been that heart felt in their apology!

  152. Ramon Selove says:

    To: J. Cole
    From: An autistic professor of anatomy and physiology

    Thank you for your apology. It is an unusually good one. If you wrote it yourself, I will have to reconsider my appraisal of your character.

  153. Kyera says:

    I’m not going to take up for you. I liked you J.Cole at first but when you talked about people that had intellectual disabilities( by the way they didn’t choose to be born that way) then you crossed the line. But you know what you was in those lyrics. You just didn’t care until somebody said that you was wrong. Its sad that a person from the internet had to tell you the lyrics you wrote was offensive. I am surprised coming from you and Drake. I can tell you both never knew and hung out with anyone that had a intellectual disorder because otherwise you wouldn’t be dumb enough to put it in a song. You lost fans because of this. You and Drake both didn’t have to make a song that bad where you had to tackle people that can’t defend themselves and has challenges with other people and themselves everyday.I just hope you and Drake don’t do this again EVER!!!!

  154. Charlotte says:

    I still don’t see why people are still tripping about it he apologized. There are hundreds of people who says shit like this that actually mean it and don’t care what others think, at least he came to his senses and realized what he said was wrong.

  155. Julia says:

    kennyken you’re very disrespectful and ignorant he already apologized. why are you still trying to target at someone ? nobody is perfect accept the apology and move on with your life j. Cole is amazing and always will be.

  156. sharonT says:

    His apology is really sincere. I hope people will accept it and forgive him.

    Someone, please, do no say attacking and hurtful words towards his race.

  157. an aspie mom says:

    It is our responsibility to advocate for our children and to educate those that are ignorant to Autism. That is what our community did and I think the apology is sincere and accepted. Now….continue to educate yourselves and do something to make a difference, that is what it is all about!

  158. MadMike says:

    Take your apology and shove it up your no talent ass. You KNEW before you even recorded this crap that the lyrics were beyond offensive. Yet, like all worthless piece of shit attention whores, you saw that there is no such thing as bad publicity when it comes to trying to be a celebrity. Press is Press and good or bad you’ll get your name out there and to people like you that’s all that matters. You’d call your own mother a whore if it sold 100 more songs. You’re not a man, you’re a pile of dirt that should be swept up and tossed away.

    • MadMike says:

      Oh and FYI I am the father of an autistic 10 year old son who is 10 TIMES the man that you will EVER be.

      • Dave says:

        Chill “Mad Mike”, the irony of this is that you have no idea what it takes to be a “man”. You’re a man for standing up for your kid, salute for that.

        Cole won’t be the first one or the last one to insult your son, but to apologize, that’s something rare.

    • silky says:

      No talent ass yet you bothered to listen to his music. Cry me a river. You wish you had half the success and talent Cole has had you worthless filth.

  159. aName says:

    My nigga Cole, much love and respect for him. Glad he to see that he is man enough to own up to his faults.

  160. Jaz says:

    good to know you feel this way Cole

  161. Michelle says:

    There are those who take this apology for what it is, and those that deride your attempt to make things right; yes, it was an incredibly uneducated mistake, but the fact that you are willing to humble yourself and apologize speaks volumes about you as a person and your moral character. There are so many who refuse to acknowledge that autism and the autism spectrum is a very, very Real Thing — but that you have felt you have truly made a mistake and have taken the steps to make amends makes you a person to admire and look up to, no matter what others may say to the contrary. Thank you so, so much.

  162. Colleen Woodruff says:

    Thank you for the apology. I do believe it is heart-felt. I am not a “Rap” fan except for Christian Rap. Music should be uplifting and make the spirit soar. That said…. please look and relook at your lyrics in the future. Let the Holy Spirit guide you if you are a believer in Christ. I signed the petition to get this song off the air. I have 2 autistic kids… one is very severe and non-verbal, the other is an honor student. You do not know the way autism affects families and the struggles we go thru. My son, the severely autistic one, has been physically and verbally abused in school by a teacher. She taught him well, till it got to be too much for us to keep him at home. I’ve gotten black eyes, fractures, teeth bit thru my lip by him. I still love him and know it’s not his fault. The “System” let him down. Please in the future, don’t let him or others with extreme disabilities “down”. And I can’t believe the hateful things written on this page. That said, words that should be deleted from the language from this point on, “nigga”, and “retarded”.

    • Grandma Loves Her Autistic Grandchild says:

      Colleen ~ If you have not already, PLEASE get your son’s gut/intestines checked by a DAN! trained biomedical doctor. This behavior sounds like it could be caused by pain that he is having. It is not unusual to have the behavior subside when other issues are getting resolved.
      Good luck & God Bless you and your son.

  163. Bill Tackett says:

    As a father of a son with autism I appreciate what sounds like a sincere apology and about a lesson learned. But I am disappointed that you make no mention here of the use of the “R word”. People with Down’s Syndrome and other developmentally disabled children and adults all deserve respect, and people need to start understanding how hurtful these words are to all developmentally disabled individuals and their family’s.

  164. A J says:

    Thank you so much for the sincere apology and for changing the lyrics. My son was recently diagnosed as autistic and works hard every day to just be able to speak. If the way that the world looks at autistic people changes ( and I believe in my heart that with the help of people like you it will) maybe life will be a little easier for my sweet son.

  165. C says:

    Being a bit harsh against Kennyken747. He has a right to say those things if he is offended. He does not have to accept anyone’s apology. I do think the artist is being sincere. The goal of autism advocate groups is to advocate for those we love and also educate the general public. Autism affects each person differently. Asperger’s is a form of autism, and many people with Asperger’s have varying abilities to not only understand social expectations, but also have trouble filtering what they should say and what they should keep to themselves. So instead of bashing him, see his side. People of all ages with ASD continue to be shunned and made fun of on a regular basis. Imagine how painful that can be…and then to have someone make fun of your different ability on such a large scale, you can imagine how angry that can make someone. Don’t spread more hate.

  166. Neil says:

    Thank you, Cole. I cannot read the comments here because many of them are evil, and moronic, but your open letter is a thing of beauty, and an unmitigated apology, a rare thing these days. You have done the right thing, and you should be proud of yourself.

  167. HovToThe says:

    I’m tryna meet these children y’all keep mentioning… *stevie J handrub*

  168. @profreezy says:

    All i have to say is j Cole is saving hip hop by his damn self. He admitted to his mistake and if you made a mistake im Sure u would want to be forgiven. Hes changing as a human being and we as fans hope to keep seeing The Good kind hearted Young adult we currently see! J Cole is a person to be looked at and listened to as a real encouragment to Young ppl that you can have morals regardless Of what you do In life

  169. Jovan says:

    Y’all niggas are retarded. He don’t owe no one an apology, he wouldn’t have done it if no one pointed it out to him. He just doesn’t want his album boycotted by butthurt faggots.

  170. M Sanders says:

    Thank you for taking the time to say all that you just did. I know that you could have just ignored the comments, and keep it moving.

    Takes a big man to admit his faults and make a change in his mind, and life.

    Cheers to you.

  171. Charice says:

    Tbvh, I was really astonished by the autism line in the Jodeci Freestyle. Like, it caught me off guard. But this apology? So sincere. I admire Cole for the respect he’s shown by apologizing as opposed to the disrespect he showed by saying the line on the track in the first place. But the thing is that some people here seem to forget the original point of being able to comment on this. He apologized. He is sorry. Why bother being so bitter by insulting him on his ignorance? A tad hypocritical because you’re being ignorant of the fact that he is genuinely sorry and clearly heartbroken over this mistake. I can’t force you all to forgive him, especially those who took this to the heart (may it be that they are associated with someone who is or are themselves autistic), but I do encourage you to stop with the hate. He has learnt from his mistake that he made simply because he is human. We all make mistakes. What does hating on someone who has already apologized solve? What do you want him to do? Apologize to you again? “Reply to you” like someone here has already requested? It’s pointless. He can apologize for offending those with autism, and already has. But he will never apologize for being human.

  172. Corliss Branch says:

    You need to spend a day with someone with Autism. I would love for you to come spend a whole day with some that has Autism. Then the next time you will think before you speak.

  173. M.(DJ Tazz1)James says:

    Hello J.Cole,I’m a Mother who has (P.D.D.)who has raised a Son who is Autistic.It’s been hard,but he is a Blessing.My Son is an aspiring producer and beatmaker.I just want to thank you for your apology,it made my Son a little more inspired to keep making music.I’m proud of you for taking that stand,I do feel your heart.Keep on making great music,all the best with your career and many Blessings,Mr.Cole!
    I do listen to your music. :) Much Luv…Thank You again~~~

  174. Marvice says:

    I didn’t hear what he said, but it’s sad that people think everything that comes out of someone’s mouth has to make them feel good. People are too sensitive these days, must be the generations. But if he felt it in his heart to apologize, good for him.

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  178. karma says:

    I cant believe that words so hurtful and ignorant could be put in lyrics in the first place ! straight from your mind to paper ( did it not occur to you or your management throughout the whole process of producing the track that this would offend ?)
    Thanks for the apology, I had no idea who you were till this ….enjoy your new found publicity i hope it was worth it?

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  190. JAYCINTA MURRAY says:

    Cole stood up to his actions. he made a sincere apology, if that does not go well with some people, then it’s really up to them. i mean we all make mistakes every now and then but only the honorable ones apologies. right way to go Cole!

  191. Mr Biggs Jnr says:

    Well written. Got some respect and eulogy right there. Word, Cole World

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  39. [...] in an apology letter to advocacy organization Autism Speaks. He posted the note on his Dreamvillian site on [...]

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  50. [...] Shortly afterward, the group launched a petition requesting the lyric be removed. This evening, Cole addressed the situation and apologized for his insensitivity via his blog. [...]

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  73. [...] a blog post Sunday evening, J. Cole issued his own heartfelt apology for the offensive lyric, calling it [...]

  74. [...] Shortly afterward, the group launched a petition requesting the lyric be removed. This evening, Cole addressed the situation and apologized for his insensitivity via his blog. [...]

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  81. [...] J COLE APOLOGISES FOR AUTISM LINEJ.Cole apologized for his autism line in the Jodeci freestyle track. [...]

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